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An Investment In Spiritual Growth

Thank you so much for investing in my spiritual growth. I have grown in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ through the music and teachings on BBN Radio. Now you are also growing me through BBN Bible Institute.

I became a student last summer and began the Names of God study after my local Bible Study dismissed for the summer. I was so encouraged and uplifted by contemplating the Names and nature of God. The course kept me focused on God during a time when there was much strife and heartache in my life.

Since I am very sequential, I wanted to begin the next course directly after the Names of God. When I saw that it was the doctrine of Satan, I avoided it for several weeks hoping that my personal strife would subside and I would be in a better condition to tackle that lesson. Weeks turned into months until my local Bible Study began again in September. I know I need to know about Satan and his works so that I can be prepared for them and discern them, but it seemed too hard to study them.

Throughout the time of my local study, I felt remorseful that I did not go on and work through the study. This week my local study has been released for the summer and I have committed myself to make the Doctrine of Satan be my first course to complete and my goal is to complete at least three courses during the summer and hopefully even more.

When you remember your students in prayer would you pray that the Lord would give me the determination, right thinking and divine protection as I make my way through? I love BBN as you have done so much to ground me in scriptural principles so that my life is now focused on Christ moment by moment. I know the power of radio and I am so grateful that I found BBN over a decade ago and have been fed so well each day.

May God continue to expand your ministry until sound teaching is available to every man, woman and child.

L.I. - Portsmouth, VA

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