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Jesse Muehlbauer

For as long as I can remember, Christian radio has been a part of my life. I was always fascinated with the concept of someone sitting in a studio halfway across town, and me being able to hear them over this tiny box in my house. It was mind-boggling stuff for a five year old, yet I knew radio was something I wanted to understand better. I was saved as a young child, and brought up in a Christian home with parents instilling in me the importance of serving the Lord with my life.

We had two Christian radio stations in our town up north. I recall listening to them with my parents and enjoying the announcers' comments and how they would interact with everything going on around them. When the day came that my cousin began announcing for one of the two stations, and it was no longer some illusive voice behind a microphone but someone I knew personally, I determined that radio was the direction I wanted to go.

So began my childhood aspirations, with pretending to be on the air in my bedroom, deciding what songs sounded good together, and general interest in editing audio on my computer. Soon, the Lord opened a door for me to work part-time at one of the local Christian radio stations to which I grew up listening.

Upon graduating from high school, I entered full-time service in Christian broadcasting and had the privilege of working in both radio and television. BBN is the finest ministry of which I have ever been a part, because BBN understands the Biblical definition of ministry. We're here to serve the Lord, proclaim the Gospel, and exhort Believers to keep running the race! Any talents I may have come from the Lord Jesus Christ, the Creator of all talent. If you determine to serve the Lord with your life, whether in Christian or secular work, your time here on Earth will be anything but boring.

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Jesse Muehlbauer

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