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Dynamic Living

Weekly Air Time:
Monday - Friday: 8:00 pm

Dynamic Living with Dr. Donald R. Hubbard is a Bible teaching program produced by BBN. This program, heard Monday through Friday, features an expositional approach to Bible study. That is to say, Dr. Hubbard teaches through a passage verse by verse, lifting out the full meaning of the words to make them easy for everyone to understand. Have your pen and notebook ready.

Availability notice - Copies of Dynamic Living are not available.  We're sorry.  On the bright side, we still have the option to hear the program when it airs on BBN!  Thanks for enjoying the program.

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Dynamic Living Schedule

1- Bread Winner or Loser 1B

4- SAT
5- Heaven 1
6- Born Loser 1A
7- Born Loser 1B
8- Flawed Vision 1A

11- Flawed Vision 1B
12- God's Response to Prayer 1A
13- God's Response to Prayer 1B
14- Divine Concealment
15- An Overflowing Life

18- Magnifying Christ in Our Life 1A
19- Magnifying Christ in Our Life 1B
20- The Judgement Seat of Christ
21- How Persuaded Are We? 1A
22- How Persuaded Are We? 1B

25- Success
26- Honey From the Rock
27- Armageddon 1A
28- Armageddon 1B
29- Burdens and Blessings 1A

1- The Comfort of God 1A
2- The Comfort of God 1B
3- Faith vs. Fear
4- How to Handle Interruptions 1A

7- How to Handle Interruptions 1B
8- The Abundant Life
9- Sin Unto Death
10- The Blood of Christ
11- Samson

14- A Day in the Life of Jesus 1A
15- A Day in the Life of Jesus 1B
16- Proverbs 4:9
17- Is Heaven a Place?
18- Authentic Disciples 1A

21- Authentic Disciples 1B
22- Preview of Calvary 1A
23- Preview of Calvary 1B
24- Four Men at a Communion Table
25- Greatest Love Expressed

28- Psalm 139
29- God and the Single Person
30- Priorities in the Home
31- Bread Winner or Loser 1A

1- When God Speaks:Answer Yes 1A
2- When God Speaks:Answer Yes 1B
3- The Believer and Spiritual Depression 1A
4- The Believer and Spiritual Depression 1B
5- Spiritual Failure 1A

8- Spiritual Failure 1B
9- Soldier-Athlete
10- Sight Without Vision 1A
11- Sight Without Vision 1B
12- Testing Our Faith 1A

15- Testing Our Faith 1B
16- Spiritual Cardiogram
17- The Divided Heart 1A
18- The Divided Heart 1B
19- The Family 1A

22- The Family 1B
23- Stories About Living 1A
24- Stories About Living 1B
25- Moving Landmarks
26- God is on the Throne

29- The Fullness of God

1- Going Home Different 1A

4- Going Home Different 1B
5- The Burdened Soul
6- The Heart of the Home 1A
7- The Heart of the Home 1B
8- The Ungathered Harvest

11- The Marks of a Christian 1A
12- The Marks of a Christian 1B
13- The Signs of Jesus 1A
14- The Signs of Jesus 1B
15- The Tests of Fellowship 1A

18- The Tests of Fellowship 1B
19- Three Divine Imperatives
20- The Dream That Will Come True 1A
21- The Dream That Will Come True 1B
22- The Filling With the Spirit 1A

25- The Filling With the Spirit 1B
26- The Filling With the Spirit 2A
27- The Filling With the Spirit 2B
28- The Filling With the Spirit 3A
29- The Filling With the Spirit 3B

1- Mary: Worshipping Follower 1B
2- Paul: Surprising Follower 1A
3- Paul: Surprising Follower 1B
4- The Detours of Life 1A

7- The Detours of Life 1B
8- The Detours of Life 2A
9- The Detours of Life 2B
10- The Christian and the World 1A
11- The Christian and the World 1B

14- Recognizing Apostasy 1A
15- Recognizing Apostasy 1B
16- The Truth We Need in Troubled Times 1A
17- The Truth We Need in Troubled Times 1B
18- The Burdened Soul

21- The Christmas Road 1A
22- The Christmas Road 1B
23- The Christmas Road 2
24- A Christmas Surprise 1A
25- A Christmas Surprise 1B

28- The Time of the End 1A
29- The Time of the End 1B
30- The Time of the End 2A
31- The Time of the End 2B

2- Dealing With Personal Guilt 1A
3- Dealing With Personal Guilt 1B
4- Being A Friend of God
5- Expectation
6- Enduring the Cross

9- Three Prayer Problems
10- God and His Church
11- Peter: The Failing Follower 1A
12- Peter: The Failing Follower 1B
13- John: Growing Follower 1A

16- John: Growing Follower 1B
17- Andrew: Witnessing Follower 1A
18- Andrew: Witnessing Follower 1B
19- Thomas: A Doubting Follower 1A
20- Thomas: A Doubting Follower 1B

23- Judas Went His Way 1A
24- Judas Went His Way 1B
25- Christian Conduct
26- The Thankful Heart 1A
27- The Thankful Heart 1B

30- Mary: Worshipping Follower 1A

1- Share-a-thon
2- The Beloved Enemy 1

5- The Beloved Enemy 2
6- The Beloved Enemy 3
7- A Man With a Mission 1
8- A Man With a Mission 2
9- A Word For Times Like These

12- When He Shall Appear 1A
13- When He Shall Appear 1B
14- When He Shall Appear 2A
15- When He Shall Appear 2B
16- When Dreams Come True

19- Adoption 1
20- Adoption 2
21- Bride and Gloom 1A
22- Bride and Gloom 1B
23- Bride and Gloom 2A

26- Bride and Gloom 2B
27- Bride and Gloom 3
28- Bride and Gloom 4A
29- Bride and Gloom 4B
30- Common Sense

1- Standing in the Presence of God 2B
2- A Story About Caring 1A
3- A Story About Caring 1B
4- A Story About Forgiving 1A

7- A Story About Forgiving 1B
8- A Story About Prayer
9- A Story About Serving 1A
10- A Story About Serving 1B
11- A Story About Witnessing 1A

14- A Story About Witnessing 1B
15- A Story About Transforming 1A
16- A Story About Transforming 1B
17- Wherefore Remember 1A
18- Wherefore Remember 1B

21- Stopping the Mouths of Lions
22- Acts 1:8
23- Acts 2:42
24- Challenging the Status Seeker 1
25- Challenging the Status Seeker 2

28- SAT
29- SAT
30- SAT

3- The Second Coming of Christ 2B
4- You Can Change Your World 1A
5- You Can Change Your World 1B
6- Why Christians Are Unhappy 1
7- Why Christians Are Unhappy 2A

10- Why Christians Are Unhappy 2B
11- Why Christians Are Unhappy 3A
12- Why Christians Are Unhappy 3B
13- Intercession 1A
14- Intercession 1B

17- Intercession 2
18- Living Through the Dark Days
19- Meeting the Need
20- Prayer 1
21- Prayer 2

24- Prayer 3
25- Power To Do the Impossible
26- Psalm 91
27- Standing in the Presence of God 1A
28- Standing in the Presence of God 1B

31- Standing in the Presence of God 2A

1- God's Encouragement 1B
2- God is Not Mocked 1A
3- God is Not Mocked 1B

6- Fellowship in Two Dimensions 1A
7- Fellowship in Two Dimensions 1B
8- Fellowship in Two Dimensions 2A
9- Fellowship in Two Dimensions 2B
10- The Heart 1

13- The Heart 2
14- The Great Tribulation 1A
15- The Great Tribulation 1B
16- The Great Tribulation 2A
17- The Great Tribulation 2B

20- The Poor Rich Man
21- The Mark of Cain 1A
22- The Mark of Cain 1B
23- The Mark of Cain 2A
24- The Mark of Cain 2B

27- The Serving Heart 1A
28- The Serving Heart 1B
29- The Second Coming of Christ 1A
30- The Second Coming of Christ 1B
31- The Second Coming of Christ 2A
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ...

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