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Dynamic Living

Weekly Air Time:
Monday - Friday: 8:00 pm

Dynamic Living with Dr. Donald R. Hubbard is a Bible teaching program produced by BBN. This program, heard Monday through Friday, features an expositional approach to Bible study. That is to say, Dr. Hubbard teaches through a passage verse by verse, lifting out the full meaning of the words to make them easy for everyone to understand. Have your pen and notebook ready.

Availability notice - Copies of Dynamic Living are not available.  We're sorry.  On the bright side, we still have the option to hear the program when it airs on BBN!  Thanks for enjoying the program.

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Dynamic Living Schedule

1- Living Your Faith 2B

4- Living Your Faith 3A
5- Living Your Faith 3B
6- Living Your Faith 4A
7- Living Your Faith 4B
8- A Night of Blessing 1A

11- A Night of Blessing 1B
12- A Night of Beginning
13- A Night of Battle 1A
14- A Night of Battle 1B
15- A Night of Deliverance 1A

18- A Night of Deliverance 1B
19- A Night of Death 1A
20- A Night of Death 1B
21- A Night of Judgement 1A
22- A Night of Judgement 1B

25- A Night of Protection 1A-320A
26- A Night of Protection 1B-320B
27- A Night of Teaching 1A-321A
28- A Night of Teaching 1B-321B
29- A Night of Fear 1A-322A

1- A Trying Word
2- A Triumphant Word
3- A Trustful Word

6- A Talk About Needs 1A
7- A Talk About Needs 1B
8- A Talk About Forgiveness 1A
9- A Talk About Forgiveness 1B
10- A Talk About Hypocrisy 1A

13- A Talk About Hypocrisy 1B
14- A Talk About Pride 1A
15- A Talk About Pride 1B
16- A Talk About Suffering 1A
17- A Talk About Suffering 1B

20- A Talk About Assurance 1A
21- A Talk About Assurance 1B
22- Make Up Your Mind 1A
23- Make Up Your Mind 1B
24- Make Up Your Mind 2A

27- Make Up Your Mind 2B
28- Living Your Faith 1A
29- Living Your Faith 1B
30- Living Your Faith 2A

2- The Mystery of God's Will 1A
3- The Mystery of God's Will 1B
4- Our Kinsman Redeemer 1A
5- Our Kinsman Redeemer 1B
6- God's Unconditional Love 1A

9- God's Unconditional Love 1B
10- Stir Up the Gift in You 1A
11- Stir Up the Gift in You 1B
12- Stand Up, Be Strong, He is Alive 1A
13- Stand Up, Be Strong, He is Alive 1B

16- Stay Up 1A
17- Stay Up 1B
18- Speak Up 1A
19- Speak Up 1B
20- The Poor Rich Man

23- SAT
24- Faithful to Forgive 1
25- Faithful to Forgive 2
26- A Touching Word
27- A Transforming Word

30- A Tender Word
31- A Terrifying Word

2- The Book of Acts pt3
3- Filling the Void pt1
4- Filling the Void pt2
5- Pentecost and Beyond pt1
6- Pentecost and Beyond pt2

9- Pentecost and Beyond pt3
10- Pentecost and Beyond pt4
11- When Pressure Comes
12- When Is It Right to Disobey
13- The Pre-eminence of Love

16- The Practice of Love 1
17- The Practice of Love 2A
18- The Practice of Love 2B
19- The Practice of Love 3A
20- The Practice of Love 3B

23- The Permanence of Love 1
24- The Permanence of Love 2A
25- The Permanence of Love 2B
26- When Burdens Come 1A
27- When Burdens Come 1B


1- Submit to One Another
2- Where Hurts Are Healed 1A

5- Where Hurts Are Healed 1B
6- Where Hurts Are healed 2A
7- Where Hurts Are Healed 2B
8- Victory At Sea 1A
9- Victory At Sea 1B

12- Anointed For Greatness
13- A Story of Giants 1A
14- A Story of Giants 1B
15- The Other Side of Success
16- Christian Fellowship

19- Blisters on the Soul 1
20- Blisters on the Soul 2
21- Blisters on the Soul 3
22- Building Relationships for Redemption 1
23- Building Relationships for Redemption 2

26- Questions for Prophecy 1
27- Questions for Prophecy 2A
28- Questions for Prophecy 2B
29- Introduction to the Book of Acts
30- The Book of Acts pt2

1- All One Body
2- Making Good Choices
3- Moses-Deliverance
4- Moses-Red Sea Crossing
5- Moses-Shur, Marah and Elim 1A

8- Moses-Shur, Marah and Elim 1B
9- Moses-Bread From Heaven
10- What Shall We Drink? 1A
11- What Shall We Drink? 1B
12- Spiritual Conflicts

15- Things too Heavy to Bear 1A
16- Things too Heavy to Bear 1B
17- Moses Went Up Unto God
18- Expecting the Unexpected 1A
19- Expecting the Unexpected 1B

22- The Duty of Everyday
23- The Three Faces of Christmas 1A
24- The Three Faces of Christmas 1B
25- The Three Faces of Christmas 2A
26- After Christmas, What?

29- Care About One Another
30- Prefer One Another
31- Edify One Another


3- Offense of the Cross
4- Blood of the Cross
5- Glory of the Cross
6- Reconciliation of the Cross
7- Preaching of the Cross

10- Bearing the Cross
11- Enemies of the Cross
12- Standing By the Cross
13- Is Anything Too Hard for God?
14- How to Treat Fallen Brethren 1

17- How to Treat Fallen Brethren 2A
18- How to Treat Fallen Brethren 2B
19- How to Treat Fallen Brethren 3A
20- How to Treat Fallen Brethren 3B
21- Delay and Disappointment

24- Be Anxious for Nothing
25- Seven Things God Hates
26- Be Thankful in All Things
27- The Thankfulness of Jesus 1A
28- The Thankfulness of Jesus 1B

1- SAT
2- Great Voices in Heaven 1
3- Great Voices in Heaven 2

6- Great Voices in Heaven 3
7- The Burning Bush 1A
8- The Burning Bush 1B
9- The Burning Bush 2A
10- The Burning Bush 2B

13- The Burning Bush 3A
14- The Burning Bush 3B
15- The Burning Bush 4A
16- The Burning Bush 4B
17- Encouragement and Exaltation

20- Ignorance 1
21- Ignorance 2
22- Ignorance 3
23- Ignorance 4
24- Ignorance 5

27- Huggable Husbands or Spoiled Spouses 1A
28- Huggable Husbands or Spoiled Spouses 1B
29- Huggable Husbands or Spoiled Spouses 2A
30- Huggable Husbands or Spoiled Spouses 2B
31- Death of the Cross

1- Jonah in the Fish 1B
2- Paradoxes in the Christian Life 1
3- Paradoxes in the Christian Life 2
4- Paradoxes in the Christian Life 3
5- Jesus and Matthew

8- Jesus and the Paralyzed Man
9- Jesus and the Father With a Problem
10- Jesus and the Mother With a Problem 1A
11- Jesus and the Mother With a Problem 1B
12- Jesus and the Rich Young Ruler

15- Looking But Not Seeing
16- Time is Short
17- The Goodness of God 1
18- The Goodness of God 2
19- Mandate For Missions 1A

22- Mandate For Missions 1B
23- Counting the Cost 1A
24- Counting the Cost 1B
25- The Giving God Loves 1A
26- The Giving God Loves 1B

29- SAT
30- SAT

1- The Parable of the Lost Son 1A

4- The Parable of the Lost Son 1B
5- The Parable of the Loving Father 1A
6- The Parable of the Loving Father 1B
7- God is on the Throne
8- The Cross of Christ Explained 1A

11- The Cross of Christ Explained 1B
12- The Resurrection of Christ Expounded 1A
13- The Resurrection of Christ Expounded 1B
14- The Work of Christ Examined 1A
15- The Work of Christ Examined 1B

18- The Program of Christ Expanded 1A
19- The Program of Christ Expanded 1B
20- How to Face Suffering 1A
21- How to Face Suffering 1B
22- How to Face Suffering 2A

25- How to Face Suffering 2B
26- The Book of Jonah
27- The Problem Prophet 1A
28- The Problem Prophet 1B
29- Jonah in the Fish 1A
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ...

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