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Dynamic Living

Weekly Air Time:
Monday - Friday: 8:00 pm

Dynamic Living with Dr. Donald R. Hubbard is a Bible teaching program produced by BBN. This program, heard Monday through Friday, features an expositional approach to Bible study. That is to say, Dr. Hubbard teaches through a passage verse by verse, lifting out the full meaning of the words to make them easy for everyone to understand. Have your pen and notebook ready.

Availability notice - Copies of Dynamic Living are available for a $5.00 donation for each CD. BBN can only offer available messages for 30 days after the message has been aired. Shipping is limited to US addresses only. You may [use your credit card] to send the donation or write to:

PO Box 7300
Charlotte, NC 28241

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Dynamic Living Schedule

3- God in Government 1A
4- God in Government 1B
5- The Problem of Adversity 1A
6- The Problem of Adversity 1B
7- Importance of Prayer

10- How God Answers Prayer 1A
11- How God Answers Prayer 1B
12- How God Tests Faith 1A
13- How God Tests Faith 1B
14- The Anxieties of Prayer 1

17- The Anxieties of Prayer 2
18- The Aims of Prayer 1A
19- The Aims of Prayer 1B
20- The Aims of Prayer 2
21- The Aims of Prayer 3

24- The Eternal Son 1A
25- The Eternal Son 1B
26- The Eternal Son 2A
27- The Eternal Son 2B
28- The Last Days 1A

31- The Last Days 1B

1- Suffering 3A
2- Suffering 3B

5- Ministry of the Holy Spirit 1
6- Ministry of the Holy Spirit 2
7- Ministry of the Holy Spirit 3
8- The Problem With Anger 1A
9- The Problem With Anger 1B

12- The Problem Of Conflict 1A
13- The Problem Of Conflict 1B
14- The Problem With Guilt
15- The Problem of Sex 1A
16- The Problem of Sex 1B

19- The Problem With Disobedience
20- The Problem With Indifference
21- The Problem of Prejudice 1A
22- The Problem of Prejudice 1B
23- The Problem of Doubt

26- The Problem of Failure 1A
27- The Problem of Failure 1B
28- The Problem of Criticism 1A
29- The Problem of Criticism 1B
30- The Problem of Criticism 2

1- Building a Better Marriage 2A
2- Building a Better Marriage 2B
3- Building a Better Marriage 3A
4- Building a Better Marriage 3B
5- A Disobedient Couple 1A

8- A Disobedient Couple 1B
9- A Distracted Couple 1A
10- A Distracted Couple 1B
11- A Deceitful Couple 1A
12- A Deceitful Couple 1B

15- A Distressed Couple 1A
16- A Distressed Couple 1B
17- A Defiled Couple 1A
18- A Defiled Couple 1B
19- Another Deceitful Couple

22- A Devoted Couple
23- A Dedicated Couple
24- A Disciplined Couple 1A
25- A Disciplined Couple 1B
26- Suffering 1A

29- Suffering 1B
30- Suffering 2A
31- Suffering 2B

3- SAT
4- The Christian Home 3B
5- The Christian Home 4A
6- The Christian Home 4B
7- A Touching Word

10- A Transforming Word
11- A Tender Word
12- A Terrifying Word
13- A Trying Word
14- A Triumphant Word

17- A Trustful Word
18- David-The Wonder of Prayer
19- Moses-The Work of Prayer
20- Nehemiah-The Where of Prayer
21- Elijah-The Why of Prayer

24- Daniel-The Witness of Prayer
25- Abraham-The Wisdom of Prayer
26- Jabez-The Worth of Prayer
27- Building A Better Marriage 1A
28- Building A Better Marriage 1B

1- The Christian and the Will of God 10
2- Redemption 1
3- Redemption 2A

6- Redemption 2B
7- Adoption 1
8- Adoption 2
9- Justification 1
10- Justification 2

13- Sanctification 1
14- Sanctification 2A
15- Sanctification 2B
16- Jesus Transforms Our Lives 1A
17- Jesus Transforms Our Lives 1B

20- Jesus Meets Our Needs 1A
21- Jesus Meets Our Needs 1B
22- Jesus Removes Our Fears 1A
23- Jesus Removes Our Fears 1B
24- Jesus Opens Our Eyes 1A

27- Jesus Opens Our Eyes 1B
28- The Christian Home 1A
29- The Christian Home 1B
30- The Christian Home 2
31- The Christian Home 3A

1- What We Believe About the Bible 1B
2- What We Believe About Man 1A
3- What We Believe About Man 1B

6- What We Believe About the Church 1A
7- What We Believe About the Church 1B
8- What We Believe About Separation 1A
9- What We Believe About Separation 1B
10- The Song About the Shepherd 1A

13- The Song About the Shepherd 1B
14- The Christian and the Will of God 1
15- The Christian and the Will of God 2
16- The Christian and the Will of God 3A
17- The Christian and the Will of God 3B

20- The Christian and the Will of God 4
21- The Christian and the Will of God 5
22- The Christian and the Will of God 6A
23- The Christian and the Will of God 6B
24- The Christian and the Will of God 7

27- The Christian and the Will of God 8
28- The Christian and the Will of God 9

2- The Song-Conscious Life 1B
3- The Bible-Conducted Life 1A
4- The Bible-Conducted Life 1B
5- Out From the Shadows 1A
6- Out From the Shadows 1B

9- Are Noah's Days, Now-a-Days? 1
10- Are Noah's Days, Now-a-Days? 2
11- Are Noah's Days, Now-a-Days? 3
12- Spiritual Priorities 1
13- Spiritual Priorities 2

16- Spiritual Priorities 3
17- Spiritual Priorities 4
18- Spiritual Priorities 5
19- Spiritual Priorities 6
20- Spiritual Priorities 7

23- What We Believe About God 1A
24- What We Believe About God 1B
25- What We Believe About Jesus 1A
26- What We Believe About Jesus 1B
27- What We Believe About the Holy Spirit 1A

30- What We Believe About the Holy Spirit 1B
31- What We Believe About the Bible 1A

1- Stewardship of Lifestyle
2- The Hidden Truth 1A

5- The Hidden Truth 1B
6- The Hidden Truth 2A
7- The Hidden Truth 2B
8- A Prayer Concerned Life 1A
9- A Prayer Concerned Life 1B

12- The Love Constrained Life 1A
13- The Love Constrained Life 1B
14- The Joy Continued Life 1A
15- The Joy Continued Life 1B
16- The Fruit Crowned Life 1A

19- The Fruit Crowned Life 1B
20- The Christ Centered Life 1A
21- The Christ Centered Life 1B
22- The Greatest Love Story 1A
23- The Greatest Love Story 1B

26- The Spirit Controlled Life 1A
27- The Spirit Controlled Life 1B
28- The Sin Cleansed Life 1A
29- The Sin Cleansed Life 1B
30- The Song Conscious Life 1A

1- Peter on the Way Up 1B
2- Peter on the Way Down 1A
3- Peter on the Way Down 1B
4- Peter on the Way Back 1A

7- Peter on the Way Back 1B
8- Peter on the Way Forward 1A
9- Peter on the Way Forward 1B
10- Peter Under Pressure
11- Living By the Spirit 1A

14- Living By the Spirit 1B
15- Living By the Spirit 2
16- Heaven 1
17- Heaven 2
18- Heaven 3

21- Heaven 4
22- Love One Another
23- The Importance of Prayer
24- Count Your Blessings 1A
25- Count Your Blessings 1B

28- Stewardship of Time
29- Stewardship of Opportunities 1A
30- Stewardship of Opportunities 1B

3- Share-a-thon
4- Share-a-thon
5- Share-a-thon
6- Share-a-thon
7- Be Loyal 1A

10- Be Loyal 1B
11- Endure Hardship 1A
12- Endure Hardship 1B
13- Make Your Life Count 1A
14- Make Your Life Count 1B

17- Know Your World 1A
18- Know Your World 1B
19- Continue to Grow 1A
20- Continue to Grow 1B
21- Preach the Word 1A

24- Preach the Word 1B
25- Finish Well 1A
26- Finish Well 1B
27- Farewell is not Good-bye 1A
28- Farewell is not Good-bye 1B

31- Peter on the Way Up 1A
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ...

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