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Eleanor Page, Elisabeth Elliot and Jessie Rice Sandberg

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Dr. Donald R. Hubbard


Weekend Connection

Weekly Air Time:
Saturday: 4:02 pm

Each broadcast of Weekend Connection is hosted by one of our BBN announcers and features a fascinating and helpful discussion connecting you with ideas and information that will benefit you in the various aspects of your life. Weekend Connection will help you better live for Christ in your community and in the world.

Recent Guests:

6/17/17 CEO Todd Hokpins discusses how Christian principles can coexist with success in the business world. Contact: or 727-754-5990

6/10/17 Barbara Dragon, from the Home School Legal Defense Association discusses issues related to home schooling.

6/3/17 Rick Green of Wallbuilders talks about America's Christian Heritage and the original intent of the founding fathers that America's society would rest on a Judeo-Christian moral foundation. Contact: or 817-441.6044

5/27/17 Rhonda Shah, Manager of Traffic Safety Advocacy and Community Impact with AAA gives helpful advice to seniors on ways they can drive safer and longer. Contact:

5/20/17 Author and speaker Carol Kent talks about the needs of prisoners & their families. (Pt2) Contact:

5/13/17 Licensed counselor, Cynthia Dervaes, discusses child abuse. She defines child abuse, explains indicators and environmental factors. She also explains who is responsible for reporting child abuse, and the moral responsibilities Christians have in this area. Contact: or 800-422-4453 National Hotline

5/6/17 Doug Sprei explains Learning Ally: Helping people with learning difficulties through the use of audiobooks. Contact: or 609-243-7081

4/29/17 Dr. Ray Surette is Professor of Criminal Justice at the University of Central Florida. Dr. Surette is an expert on the connection between crime and social media. He shares about the mindset of offenders who perpetrate crime on social media, and the attitude of those who share their posts several times. Contact:

4/22/17 Dr. Darrell Bock, the author of "Truth Matters" talks about academia's war on Faith and how we can arm our children for battle. Contact: or 214-887-5251

4/15/17 Author and speaker Carol Kent's son was sentenced to life in prison for murder. She talks about the stress and depression of families dealing with incarceration, but also the hope that can emerge in times of crisis. (Pt1) Contact:

4/8/17 Dr. Mark E. Klein, a radiologist, speaks about the importance of colon cancer screening. He describes a new, less invasive method of screening called "virtual colonoscopy." Contace:

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