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Gateway to Joy

Weekly Air Time:
Monday - Friday: 11:15 AM

Elisabeth Elliot was one of the most influential Christian women of our time. Her best selling books, timeless teachings and courageous faith have influenced believers and seekers of Jesus Christ throughout the world. She uses her experiences as a daughter, wife, mother, widow, and missionary to bring the message of Christ to countless people around the world.

Elisabeth's first husband, Jim Elliot, was killed in 1956 while attempting to make missionary contact with the Auca (now known as Huaorani) of eastern Ecuador. Elisabeth later spent two years as a missionary to the tribe members who killed her husband. Returning to the United States after many years in South America, she became widely known as the author of over twenty books and as a speaker in constant demand. She went home to Heaven in 2015, but her program continues to bless many.

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Gateway to Joy Schedule


1- Meet Lars-1

2- Meet Lars-2

3- Meet Lars-3


6-   How Can God

7-   A Field with a Treasure

8-   Something to Offer

9-   Missions, Books & Background--Q & A w-Jan Anderson

10- Aucas & Culture--Q & A w-Jan Anderson


13- Me, Obey Him? (The Responsibility of Obedience-1)

14- Are There Limitations to Obedience? (The Responsibility of Obedience-2)

15- Does God Really Mean It? (The Responsibility of Obedience-3)

16- Is Obedience Negotiable? (The Responsibility of Obedience-4)

17- Biblical Examples (The Responsibility of Obedience-5)


20- Don’t I Have Any Rights? (The Freedom of Submission-1)

21- Decision Making (The Freedom of Submission-2)

22- What About the Problems? (The Freedom of Submission-3)

23- Contradictions (The Freedom of Submission-4)

24- Does It Work? (The Freedom of Submission-5)


27- We Are All Clay Pots (A Sermon to Myself-1)

28- Feelings of Hypocrisy (A Sermon to Myself-2)

29- God Makes Us Strong (A Sermon to Myself-3)

30- God’s in Charge of Everything (A Sermon to Myself-4)


2- Learning Through Suffering (Giving Your Suffering to God-1)

3- The Definition of Suffering (Giving Your Suffering to God-2)  

4- Enduring Your Test (Giving Your Suffering to God-3)

5- Deepest Lessons from the Deepest Valleys (Giving Your Suffering to God-4)  

6- Too Good for Your Own Good (Giving Your Suffering to God-5)  



9-   When Someone Hurts You (Our Suffering, God’s Glory-1)  

10- Obedience That Brings Criticism (Our Suffering, God’s Glory-2)  

11- Joyful Reunions (Our Suffering, God’s Glory-3)  

12- A Spiritual Outlook (Our Suffering, God’s Glory-4)  

13- Death in Us, Life in You (Our Suffering, God’s Glory-5)


16- Renewal of My Mind (Quest for the Christian Mind-1)

17- Worship (Quest for the Christian Mind-2)

18- Enemy of My Mind (Quest for the Christian Mind-3)

19- A Divided Mind (Quest for the Christian Mind-4)

20- Learning the Language of Others (Quest for the Christian Mind-5)



23- Obedience is the Opener of the Mind (Quest for the Christian Mind-6)

24- Processing What I Hear (Quest for the Christian Mind-7)

25- Disciplined Minds (Quest for the Christian Mind-8)

26- A Mature Mind (Quest for the Christian Mind-9)

27- Forgiveness


30- Divorce-The Ultimate Humiliation

31- A Love Strong Enough to Hurt


1- Laying Our Desires Before God




6- The Gift of Widowhood

7- Under the Same Management

8- Being the Fifth Wheel


11- Do the Next Thing

12- Making Truth Visible (What a Witness Does-1)

13- Abraham & Noah (What a Witness Does-2)  

14- Daniel (What a Witness Does-3)

15- Shadrach Meshach & Abednego (What a Witness Does-4)


18- You Marry a Sinner (Trusting God for Your Husband's Spirituality-1)

19- Responsibility in Decision Making (Trusting God for Your Husband's Spirituality-2)

20- A Gentle & Quiet Spirit (Trusting God for Your Husband's Spirituality-3)

21- Loving Your Husband (Trusting God for Your Husband's Spirituality-4)

22- Divorce Prevention (Trusting God for Your Husband's Spirituality-5)


25- The Struggle for Holiness (Growing Pains-1)

26- Perfection and Holiness (Growing Pains-2)

27- Our Reputations (Growing Pains-3)

28- Labeling Children (Growing Pains-4)

29- Growing & Changing (Growing Pains-5)


1- Each Stage of Life Prepares You for the Next (AGING- The Forbidden Topic-2)

2- The Honor of Old Age (AGING- The Forbidden Topic-3)

3- Taking Inventory (AGING- The Forbidden Topic-4)

4- Patience & Peace of Mind (AGING- The Forbidden Topic-5)


7-   The Future is Bright with Hope (AGING- The Forbidden Topic-6)  

8-   Growth in Serenity-1 (AGING- The Forbidden Topic-7)    

9-   Growth in Serenity-2 (AGING- The Forbidden Topic-8)

10- The Call of God (All That Was Ever Ours-1)

11- The Comfort of Discipline-1 (All That Was Ever Ours-2)


14- The Comfort of Discipline-2 (All That Was Ever Ours-3)

15- The Passage of Time (All That Was Ever Ours-4)

16- Growth in God-1 (All That Was Ever Ours-5)

17- Growth in God-2 (All That Was Ever Ours-6)

18- Boredom (All That Was Ever Ours-7) 


21- Early Lessons (All That Was Ever Ours-8)

22- Practical Holiness (Pathway to Holiness-1)

23- The Danger of Aiming at Happiness (Pathway to Holiness-2)

24- He Began a Good Work in Us (Pathway to Holiness-3)

25- Taste & See That the Lord is Good (Pathway to Holiness-4) 


28- Holiness & Helplessness (Pathway to Holiness-5)

29- The Cost of Holiness (Pathway to Holiness-6)

30- A Solemn Stillness of the Soul (Pathway to Holiness-7)

31- Lilias Trotter (Pathway to Holiness-8)


1- How to Rest (Too Much Talk-4)  

2- Learning from Others (Doubt & Deciding to Trust-1)  

3- Don't Dig Up in Doubt What You Planted in Faith (Doubt & Deciding to Trust-2)  

4- Every Reason to be Confident (Doubt & Deciding to Trust-3)

5- Power to Choose & Power to Refuse (Doubt & Deciding to Trust-4)

8-   The Fear of the Lord (Fearing God-1)

9-   Fear of Death & Loss (Fearing God-2)

10- God's Help for God's Assignment (Fearing God-3)

11- Fear of Old Age (Fearing God-4)

12- Q & A Session (Being Feminine, Enabling Mates & Forgiving Aucas)

15- A Daily YES to God (Love Accepts Seminar-1)

16- Unity & the Agent of Holiness (Love Accepts Seminar-2)

17- Ruining Our Egos (Love Accepts Seminar-3)

18- The Cause of All the Misery in the World (Love Accepts Seminar-4)

19- Q & A Session (submission, family planning, divorce)

22- The Stay At Home Mom w-Valerie (The Stay at Home Mom-1)

23- Sibling Rivalry w-Valerie (The Stay at Home Mom-2)

24- Children are a Gift w-Valerie  (The Stay at Home Mom-3)

25- The Best One to Care for Your Children w-Donna Otto (The Stay at Home Mom-4)

26- Finances w-Donna Otto (The Stay at Home Mom-5)

29- Being Part of the Permanent (AGING- The Forbidden Topic-1)


1- Love Accepts (One Couple’s Story- Lars & Elisabeth-5)

4- Who is in Charge

5- Finding Ourselves by Losing

6- A Real Woman

7- A White Flag or a Red One

8- Me...Obey Him

11- A Woman's Work

12- God's Assignment-1

13- God's Assignment-2

14- Holiness- (Living in Company with Christ-1)

15- Love in the Face of Disrespect (Living in Company with Christ-2)

18- Can Others Prevent My Growth? (Living in Company with Christ-3)

19- God in Control (Living in Company with Christ-4)

20- Practical Holy Living (Do the Next Thing-1)

21- Renunciation & Acceptance (Do the Next Thing-2)

22- Really Only One Thing to Do (Do the Next Thing-3)

25- That Thing Hanging Over You (Do the Next Thing-4)

26- All in Good Time

27- A Lamp for my Feet (Too Much Talk-1)

28- Too Much Talk (Too Much Talk-2)

29- Weariness & Refreshment (Too Much Talk-3)


1- The Strong Willed Child (Family Management-2)  

2- A Child’s Work (Family Management-3)  

3- Controlling Clutter (Family Management-4)  

4- Fairness & Budgeting  (Family Management-5)  


7-   Forgiveness  

8-   Dying to Self  

9-   Angels

10- Christmas Morning

11- Gifts for Jesus  


14- Tailor of Gloucester-1  

15- Tailor of Gloucester-2

16- The First Hymn

17- The Gift Of The Magi-1

18- The Gift Of The Magi-2


21- Davey's Christmas-1

22- Davey's Christmas-2

23- A Virgin in Bethlehem  

24- Lessons & Carols

25- Christmas in Prison


28- How They Met (One Couple’s Story- Lars & Elisabeth-1)

29- The Engagement (One Couple’s Story- Lars & Elisabeth-2)

30- The First Fight (One Couple’s Story- Lars & Elisabeth-3)

31- Loving Each Other Because You Are Married (One Couple’s Story- Lars & Elisabeth-4)


2- Take My Life & Let It Be (Frances Ridley Havergal-6)

3- God Shall Supply Your Need (Frances Ridley Havergal-7)

4- Full Surrender to Christ (Frances Ridley Havergal-8)

5- A Journey of Mercies (Frances Ridley Havergal-9)

6- The Final Destiny (Frances Ridley Havergal-10)


9-   Family Background- Gayle Somers (Called To Be Mothers-1)

10- An Ordinary Day (Called To Be Mothers-2)

11- The Want To’s & the Have To’s (Called To Be Mothers-3)

12- What Scripture Says (Called To Be Mothers-4)

13- Serving God at Home (Called To Be Mothers-5)


16- Studies on the Home- Gayle Somers (Called To Be Mothers-6)

17- The Mommy Track (Called To Be Mothers-7)

18- Controversy of Desires (Called To Be Mothers-8)

19- Finances & Staying Home (Called To Be Mothers-9)

20- Careers (Called To Be Mothers-10)


23- In Adversity- (Giving Thanks for Everything-1)

24- In the Search for Happiness (Giving Thanks for Everything-2)

25- In Momentary Troubles (Giving Thanks for Everything-3)

26- In Depression (Giving Thanks for Everything-4)

27- Stories of Spiders & Stars (Giving Thanks for Everything-5)


30- Discipline of Children with Valerie (Family Management-1)



2- HYMNS- Like a River Glorious & Be Still My Soul


5- Gloriously Unequal (What’s Happening to Feminism-1)  

6- The Death of the Family (What’s Happening to Feminism-2)  

7- The Meaning of Womanhood (What’s Happening to Feminism-3)  

8- Ministry Opportunities for Women (What’s Happening to Feminism-4)

9- Where are the True Women? (What’s Happening to Feminism-5)


12- What Men Are Afraid of (Appreciation for Men-1)

13- The Repentant Wife (Appreciation for Men-2)

14- Why Women Need Men (Appreciation for Men-3)

15- The Sorrows of Men (Appreciation for Men-4)

16- One Man’s Courage (Appreciation for Men-5)


19- The Fear of Weakness (Appreciation for Men-6)

20- The Fear of Rejection (Appreciation for Men-7)

21- Moving Toward Marriage-1 (Appreciation for Men-8)

22- Moving Toward Marriage-2 (Appreciation for Men-9)

23- Courtship (Appreciation for Men-10)


26- A Relationship with God (Frances Ridley Havergal-1)

27- Removing Doubt (Frances Ridley Havergal-2)

28- Lessons from the 1800’s (Frances Ridley Havergal-3)

29- Pain in the Light of Calvary (Frances Ridley Havergal-4)

30- Work Out Your Own Salvation (Frances Ridley Havergal-5)


1- HYMNS- How Firm a Foundation & Crown Him with Many Crowns

2- A Missionary’s First Year (Humble Things-1)  

3- Making a Home (Humble Things-2)

4- Humble Things can be Holy Things (Humble Things-3)

7-   An Unwritten Language (Humble Things-4)  

8-   A Fish or a Scorpion (Humble Things-5)  

9-   These Strange Ashes (Humble Things-6)

10- God’s Timing (Humble Things-7)

11- More Strange Ashes (Humble Things-8)

14- Accept What God Has Allowed (How to Simplify Your Life-1)

15- Choose Your Attitude (How to Simplify Your Life-2)

16- Do It Now (How to Simplify Your Life-3)

17- Give It To Jesus (How to Simplify Your Life-4)

18- Give Thanks Always (How to Simplify Your Life-5)

21- The Givens and the Not-Givens (How to Simplify Your Life- 6)

22- Go To God First  (How to Simplify Your Life-7)

23- Love Means Sacrifice (How to Simplify Your Life-8)

24- Examine the Struggle (How to Simplify Your Life-9)

25- You Can If You Will  (How to Simplify Your Life-10)




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