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Dr. Lehman Strauss

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Captain and Sparkle

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Lynn Brooks

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Dynamic Living
Dr. Donald R. Hubbard

Gateway to Joy
Elisabeth Elliot

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Dr. J. Allen Blair

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Gateway to Joy

Weekly Air Time:
Monday - Friday: 11:15 AM

Elisabeth Elliot was one of the most influential Christian women of our time. Her best selling books, timeless teachings and courageous faith have influenced believers and seekers of Jesus Christ throughout the world. She uses her experiences as a daughter, wife, mother, widow, and missionary to bring the message of Christ to countless people around the world.

Elisabeth's first husband, Jim Elliot, was killed in 1956 while attempting to make missionary contact with the Auca (now known as Huaorani) of eastern Ecuador. Elisabeth later spent two years as a missionary to the tribe members who killed her husband. Returning to the United States after many years in South America, she became widely known as the author of over twenty books and as a speaker in constant demand. She went home to Heaven in 2015, but her program continues to bless many.

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Gateway to Joy Schedule


1- Unity in the Home (Spiritual Opposition-3)  

2- Attacks on Our Time (Spiritual Opposition-4)

3- Television & Newspapers (Spiritual Opposition-5)  

6-   The Real World (Spiritual Opposition-6)  

7-   Temptation to Doubt (Spiritual Opposition-7)

8-   What is God’s Will? (Spiritual Opposition-8)

9-   Who Do You Serve? (Spiritual Opposition-9)

10- Reproduction Issues

13- Gratitude- Our Attitude & Response

14- From Belgium to Boston-1

15- From Belgium to Boston-2

16- From Belgium to Boston-3

17- Feminism & a Christian w-Warren Wiersbe

20- Guilt Trips (A Woman’s Work-1)

21- Full-Time Service (A Woman’s Work-2)

22- Your Husband’s Opinion (A Woman’s Work-3)

23- Selling Yourself (A Woman’s Work-4)

24- A Child’s Obedience (A Woman’s Work-5)

27- Spiritual Work (A Woman’s Work-6)

28- Older Women Teaching Younger Women (A Woman’s Work-7)

29- Prayer (A Woman’s Work-8)

30- Being a Nest Builder (A Woman’s Work-9)

31- Step Parents & Single Mothers (A Woman’s Work-10) 


1-   Qualifications Needed (Homeschooling-3)

2-   Authority & Respect (Homeschooling-4)

3-   Curriculum to Use (Homeschooling-5)

6-   A Typical Day (Homeschooling-6)

7-   Relationship to the Church & Others (Homeschooling-7)

8-   Is It For You? (Homeschooling-8)

9-   Great Hymns- Order Out of Chaos

10- Letting the Lord Teach Us

13- A Down-to-Earth Description of Holiness (Being a Holy Woman-1)

14- God Offers Life! (Being a Holy Woman-2)

15- An Absence of Suffering? (Being a Holy Woman-3)

16- No Special Conditions Necessary (Being a Holy Woman-4)

17- A Changed Woman (Being a Holy Woman-5)

20- Characteristics of a Holy Woman (Being a Holy Woman-6)

21- The Essence of Femininity (Being a Holy Woman-7)

22- A Servant’s Attitude (Being a Holy Woman-8)

23- True Power (Being a Holy Woman-9)

24- Quietness (Being a Holy Woman-10)

27- Our Emotions  (Spiritual Opposition-1)

28- Little Dishonesties (Spiritual Opposition-2)


2- Homeschooling (Preparing For The New Year w-Val-4)

3- Heroes- Stewards of God’s Gifts  

4- Christian Freaks  

5- Unwanted Pregnancies  

6- My Testimony

9-   The Discipline of the Mind (Discipline of Mind, Place and Time-1)  

10- The Mind of Christ (Discipline of Mind, Place and Time-2)  

11- The Discipline of Place (Discipline of Mind, Place and Time-3)

12- The Discipline of Time-1 (Discipline of Mind, Place and Time-4)  

13- The Discipline of Time-2 (Discipline- The Glad Surrender-1)

16- The Discipline of Possessions (Discipline- The Glad Surrender-2)

17- The Discipline of Work-1 (Discipline- The Glad Surrender-3)

18- The Discipline of Work-2 (Discipline- The Glad Surrender-4)

19- Work and Emotion (The Discipline of the Emotions-1)

20- Conviction and Feelings (The Discipline of the Emotions-2)

23- Patiently Endure Ordinary Trials (The Discipline of the Emotions-3)

24- Feelings are Part of Our Humanity (The Discipline of the Emotions-4)

25- Hymns- "Rock of Ages" plus "And Can it Be"

26- Hymns- "A Mighty Fortress" and "I Am His & He is Mine"

27- Great Hymns- Fanny Crosby

30- Is Home Schooling Legal? (Homeschooling-1)

31- Being a Mother & Teacher - Robin Davis (Homeschooling-2)


1- Being Employed by Christ (Diligence-4)

2- God Gave you that story

5- Children & Schedules with Shelly Russell

6- Children’s Security with Shelly Russell

7- Disciplining Your Child with Shelly Russell

8- Training Your Child with Shelly Russell

9- Quiet Time & Children with Shelly Russell

12- Expect Less, Give More (A Simple Christmas-1)  

13- Making the Most of Christmas (A Simple Christmas-2)

14- How to Simplify Christmas (A Simple Christmas-3)

15- God Came Down (Stories for Christmas-1)

16- Born on the Wrong Side of the Tracks (Stories for Christmas-2)  

19- Mr. Gloomy-1 (Stories for Christmas-3)  

20- Mr. Gloomy-2 (Stories for Christmas-4)

21- King John's Christmas (Stories for Christmas-5)

22- An Old Lady's Christmas (Stories for Christmas-6)  

23- Away in a Manger (Stories for Christmas-7)  

26- The Day After Christmas

27- Giving Up Your Own Way (Preparing For The New Year w-Val-1)

28- Repentance (Preparing For The New Year w-Val-2)

29- What Repentance is Not (Preparing For The New Year w-Val-3)

30- New Year’s Day w-Val


1- The Importance of the Bible in a Child's Life (Your Child & God's Word-2)  

2- The Ground Prepared for the Seed (Your Child & God's Word-3)  

3- Regularly Unabashedly Naturally & Diligently (Your Child & God's Word-4)

4- Teach Your Children to Pray (Your Child & God's Word-5)

7-   What Should We Pray? (Your Child & God's Word-6)  

8-   Finding the Words for Prayer (Your Child & God's Word-7)  

9-   Fellowship, Not Just Indoctrination (Your Child & God's Word-8)  

10- Grace is Your Frame of Reference (Your Child & God's Word-9)

11- Shape a Vision of God in a Child’s Mind (Your Child & God's Wor-10)  

14- Step to Know Jesus (Principles of Joy-1)  

15- Joy in Suffering (Principles of Joy-2)  

16- Love Means Harmony & Humility (Principles of Joy-3)  

17- Working Together with God (Principles of Joy-4)  

18- Righteousness Through Faith (Principles of Joy-5)   

21- Surrendering (Principles of Joy-6)  

22- Pressing On (Principles of Joy-7)  

23- Conflicts & Rejoicing (Principles of Joy-8)

24- Formula for Overcoming Worry (Principles of Joy-9)  

25- Contentment (Principles of Joy-10)  

28- Obedience Means Loving Others (Diligence-1)

29- Loving God Means (Diligence-2)  

30- Doing our Work Willingly (Diligence-3)  






7- HYMNS- The Sands of Time are Sinking & O Teach Me What It Meaneth

10- The Definition of Grace- (God's Grace & Our Response-1)

11- He Giveth More Grace- (God's Grace & Our Response-2)

12- Willing Obedience- (God's Grace & Our Response-3)

13- How to Get to Know God- (God's Grace & Our Response-4)

14- Prayer & Our Will- (God's Grace & Our Response-5)

17- The Difference Jesus Christ Makes (Confidence in God-1)

18- Know Whom You Believe (Confidence in God-2)

19- God Is Shaping Us (Confidence in God-3)

20- God Promises Joy (Confidence in God-4)

21- Letters On Confidence  (Confidence in God-5)

24- Faith & Assurance (Confidence in God-6)

25- Conquering Fear  (Confidence in God-7)

26- Stay In God’s Presence (Confidence in God-8)

27- Old Testament Scriptures (Confidence in God-9)

28- Testimonies To God’s Faithfulness (Confidence in God-10)

31- A Home Excited About the Bible (Your Child & God's Word-1)


1- Planning for Family Life w-Valerie-3

2- Planning for Family Life w-Valerie-4

5- Make Me Thy Fuel (The Poetry of Amy Carmichael-1)  

6- In Any House (The Poetry of Amy Carmichael-2)

7- Toward Jerusalem (The Poetry of Amy Carmichael-3)  

8- Nothing in the House (The Poetry of Amy Carmichael-4)  

9- God’s Sequence of Events (The Poetry of Amy Carmichael-5)  

12- Hast Thou No Scar? (The Poetry of Amy Carmichael-6)

13- Think It Not Strange (The Poetry of Amy Carmichael-7)

14- The Taking Up of the Cross (The Poetry of Amy Carmichael-8)

15- Til the Stars Appear (The Poetry of Amy Carmichael-9)

16- A Prayer for Our Children (The Poetry of Amy Carmichael-10)

19- The Gift of Femininity (A Woman's Gifts-1)

20- The Gift of Place (A Woman's Gifts-2)

21- The Gift of Singleness (A Woman's Gifts-3)

22- The Gift of Suffering (A Woman's Gifts-4)

23- Letters, Bits & Pieces (A Woman's Gifts-5)

26- Quiet Contentment (Family Relationships-1 with Val)

27- When the Honeymoon Ends (Family Relationships-2 with Val)

28- Fear of Submission (Family Relationships-3 with Val)

29- Teenagers & Work (Family Relationships-4 with Val)

30- Teenage Resolutions (Family Relationships-5 with Val)


1- The Power of Love (The Love of God-1)  

2- Freedom & Joy (The Love of God-2)  

3- Isn’t Love Grand? (The Love of God-3)  

4- God’s Great Love (The Love of God-4)

5- The Omnipotence of Love (The Love of God-5)

8-   God Goes With You (Going Back to School-1)

9-   It Matters To God (Going Back to School-2)

10- The Teacher Is There For You (Going Back to School-3)

11- Responsibility (Going Back to School-4)

12- The Death Of A Child (Going Back to School-5)

15- Perseverance In Spite Of Opposition (Going Back to School-6)

16- Correction, Discipline & Trust (Going Back to School-7)

17- Letter On Homeschooling (Going Back to School-8)

18- Prejudice (Going Back to School-9)

19- To Those Who Suffer Abuse (Going Back to School-10)

22- Extracurricular Activities (Going Back to School-11)

23- Education: Doing Bad & Feeling Good (Going Back to School-12)

24- Self-Esteem & Pride (Going Back to School-13)

25- Faith (Going Back to School-14)

26- Television: The Cyclops That Eats Books (Going Back to School-15)

29- HYMNS-Trust & Obey

30- Planning for Family Life w-Valerie-1

31- Planning for Family Life w-Valerie-2


1- Bitterness or Forgiveness (A Sermon to Myself-5)


4- Denying Yourself (A Steadfast Heart-1)  

5- The Love of God (A Steadfast Heart-2)  

6- Simplifying Your Life (A Steadfast Heart-3)  

7- Legalism (A Steadfast Heart-4)

8- Questions & Answers-1 (Making decisions...having the strength to say, “No”) (A Steadfast Heart-5)


11- Interacting with God (A Steadfast Heart-6)

12- Interruptions (A Steadfast Heart-7)

13- The Curriculum (A Steadfast Heart-8)

14- Questions & Answers-2 (The necessity of evil & sovereignty of God...contentment...unsaved children) (A Steadfast Heart-9)

15- More Questions & Answers (Your family lists) (A Steadfast Heart-10)


18- What is a Trial? (The Trials of Singleness-1)

19- Waiting on God NOT a Mate (The Trials of Singleness-2)

20- Single Joy (The Trials of Singleness-3)

21- A Willing Attitude (The Trials of Singleness-4)

22- Being Satisfied (The Trials of Singleness-5)


25- Learning Acceptance (The Trials of Singleness-6)

26- Light & Momentary Troubles (The Trials of Singleness-7)

27- Cutting Across Our Nature (The Trials of Singleness-8)

28- Reaching Out to Others (The Trials of Singleness-9)

29- Truly Content (The Trials of Singleness-10)


1- Meet Lars-1

2- Meet Lars-2

3- Meet Lars-3


6-   How Can God

7-   A Field with a Treasure

8-   Something to Offer

9-   Missions, Books & Background--Q & A w-Jan Anderson

10- Aucas & Culture--Q & A w-Jan Anderson


13- Me, Obey Him? (The Responsibility of Obedience-1)

14- Are There Limitations to Obedience? (The Responsibility of Obedience-2)

15- Does God Really Mean It? (The Responsibility of Obedience-3)

16- Is Obedience Negotiable? (The Responsibility of Obedience-4)

17- Biblical Examples (The Responsibility of Obedience-5)


20- Don’t I Have Any Rights? (The Freedom of Submission-1)

21- Decision Making (The Freedom of Submission-2)

22- What About the Problems? (The Freedom of Submission-3)

23- Contradictions (The Freedom of Submission-4)

24- Does It Work? (The Freedom of Submission-5)


27- We Are All Clay Pots (A Sermon to Myself-1)

28- Feelings of Hypocrisy (A Sermon to Myself-2)

29- God Makes Us Strong (A Sermon to Myself-3)

30- God’s in Charge of Everything (A Sermon to Myself-4)

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