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Gateway to Joy

Weekly Air Time:
Monday - Friday: 11:15 AM

Elisabeth Elliot is one of the most influential Christian women of our time. Her best selling books, timeless teachings and courageous faith have influenced believers and seekers of Jesus Christ throughout the world. She uses her experiences as a daughter, wife, mother, widow, and missionary to bring the message of Christ to countless people around the world.

Elisabeth's first husband, Jim Elliot, was killed in 1956 while attempting to make missionary contact with the Auca (now known as Huaorani) of eastern Ecuador. Elisabeth later spent two years as a missionary to the tribe members who killed her husband. Returning to the United States after many years in South America, she became widely known as the author of over twenty books and as a speaker in constant demand. She no longer makes speaking appearances, but her program continues to bless many.

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Gateway to Joy Schedule


1- Silence & Self-Denial- Holy Week-3

2- Maundy Thursday- Holy Week-4

3- Good Friday- Holy Week-5


6-   The What Ifs- Fear & Old Age-1

7-   Fear Not_Fear & Old Age-2

8-   The Fear of Death_Fear & Old Age-3

9-   Be Bold in Living and Dying_Fear & Old Age-4

10- Fear of Old Age_Fear & Old Age-5


13- Hymns of Worship & Praise

14- Hymns- My Hope is Built

15- Testimonies from Listeners

16- Mothers As Shapers of Destiny- The Call to Motherhood-1

17- The Toughest Job You'll Ever Love- The Call to Motherhood-2


20- Mothers as Cooperators With God- The Call to Motherhood-3

21- A Mother's Prayer Life- The Call to Motherhood-4

22- Val & Elisabeth- The Call to Motherhood-5

23- The Structure of a Christian Home- The Call to Motherhood-6

24- How Mother Teaches Trust- The Call to Motherhood-7


27- Obedience to the Call of Motherhood- The Call to Motherhood-8

28- Continuing a Pregnancy- The Call to Motherhood-9

29- Val & Elisabeth- Homeschooling-The Call to Motherhood-10

30- Val - Living in the Jungle- The Call to Motherhood-11


2- When Did God Start Loving Me?

3- Trespassing in Sovereign Territory

4- Strength Out of Weakness

5- What God Wants to Do, He Can Do

6- Not According to Expectation


9-   A Sovereign Lord & Human Powerlessness

10- The Clouds You Dread

11- Don’t Judge God by Your Feelings

12- When the Bitter Turns to Sweet

13- Thy Kingdom Come


16- Thy Will be Done

17- Grandmothers

18- Supporting Stay at Home Moms

19- Ways to be a Lasting Example

20- Being Available




25- Choices, Faith & Aucas-- Q & A w-Jan Anderson

26- History of Hymns

27- Being a Good Mother-in-law


30- Heroes

31- The Passion of Christ


2- Objectives of God's Guidance-Helping Others

3- Supernatural Means of God's Guidance

4- Natural Means of God's Guidance

5- The Means of God's Guidance

6- Great Hymns-Answer to Suffering in Hymns

9-   Marriage Means Sacrifice & Change

10- The Nature of Love

11- Incompatibility

12- Making Small Sacrifices

13- Love’s Acceptance

16- The Golden Windows- Stories for Children-1

17- The Prominent Man- Stories for Children-2

18- The Sailor Man- Stories for Children-3

19- The Cabin & the Little Chipmunk Pt.1- Stories for Children-4

20- The Cabin & the Little Chipmunk Pt.2- Stories for Children-5

23- Why I Wrote a Novel

24- If God is in Charge

25- More on the Sovereignty of God

26- How God Works Through People

27- Why The Sovereignty Of God Makes A Difference In My Life


1- New  Year’s Reflections with Valerie Shepard

2- Great Hymns- The Name of Jesus


5- From Tragedy to Triumph-1 with Barbara Youderian

6- From Tragedy to Triumph-2 with Marilou McCully

7- From Tragedy to Triumph-3 with Marj Saint Van Der Puy

8- From Tragedy to Triumph-4 with Olive Fleming Liefeld

9- The Auca Story


12- A Change of Heart

13- Transformation of Prisoners

14- Being Transformed

15- Setting Your Mind on Things Above

16- Learning to Walk with Christ


19- God's Guidance

20- God's Promises for Guidance

21- Somebody Who Has Been Over the Trail

22- Conditions for God's Guidance

23- The Will of God


26- Conditions for Finding God’s Guidance

27- The Need for Obedience

28- Taking up the Cross

29- Objectives of God's Guidance

30- Learning to Know God


1- What Makes Our Work Holy

2- Offering God Our Work

3- Offering Our Whole Life to Christ

4- Our Attitude Toward Possessions

5- Receiving Criticism

8-   Hymns- Rock of Ages & And Can it Be

9-   Hymns- A Mighty Fortress & I Am His & He is Mine

10- Hymns- Fanny Crosby

11- Hymns- Order Out of Chaos

12- Preparing for Christmas

15- Christmas- Daily Preparation for Life

16- Christmas- Patient Endurance

17- Christmas- Emmanuel: God With Us

18- Christmas- Santa Claus with Valerie Shepard

19- Christmas- O Little Town of Bethlehem

22- Christmas- It Came Upon the Midnight Clear

23- Christmas- The Gift of Peace

24- Christmas- Mentioning Christ in Christmas

25- Christmas- The Christmas Story

26- Christmas- The Day After Christmas

29- Disappointments are God’s Appointments

30- Why Bother Going to Church

31- Why Church is Important


3- Making Children Mind with Arlita Winston-1

4- Making Children Mind with Arlita Winston-2

5- Making Children Mind with Arlita Winston-3

6- Making Children Mind with Arlita Winston-4

7- Making Children Mind with Arlita Winston-5

10- Gladys Aylward-1- A Small Package of Cockney Dynamite

11- Gladys Aylward-2- On A Train to China

12- Gladys Aylward-3- On A Boat to Japan

13- Gladys Aylward-4- Working with Jeannie

14- Gladys Aylward-5- The Village is Bombed

17- Gladys Aylward-6- A Chinese Suitor

18- Gladys Aylward-7- Fleeing to the Mountains

19- Gladys Aylward-8- Falling in Love

20- Gladys Aylward-9- Rescuing the Orphans

21- Gladys Aylward-10- The Rest of the Story

24- Gratitude- Our Attitude and Response

25- Humdudgeons

26- Trusting is the Ground for Thanksgiving

27- Saying Thank You

28- Quietness




3- An Entrance To Auca Territory

6-   Two Stone Age Women

7-   Irreducible Minimum

8-   Meeting My Husband’s Killer

9-   Romance & Reality

10- A Fire That Never Goes Out

13- What Bugged Me Most

14- Being a Fish Out Of Water

15- Living One Day at a Time  

16- The Missionary’s Job

17- Writing an Unwritten Language

20- Reflections on Life in Ecuador

21- The Fruits That God Looks For

22- The Appearance of Evil

23- What Will People Think?

24- Worldliness

27- Home Sweet Home with Arlita Winston-1

28- Home Sweet Home with Arlita Winston-2

29- Home Sweet Home with Arlita Winston-3

30- Home Sweet Home with Arlita Winston-4

31- Home Sweet Home with Arlita Winston-5


1- Bearing the Stamp of Christ

2- The Making of a Christian

3- Falling in Love

4- Spiritual Ups & Downs

5- Context of Fruit Bearing

8-   What I Need to Know for Now

9-   Quietness

10- Discouragement

11- God’s Timing

12- Moping About What is not Given

15- The Realized Will of God

16- How God Grants our Heart’s Desires

17- A Surprise Package- Newlyweds

18- He Is No Fool...Quote By Jim Elliot

19- When Someone You Love Dies-1

22- When Someone You Love Dies-2

23- Heaven

24- Things Lost or Wasted

25- A Good Reason for Living

26- A Divine Appointment




1- Quiet Time & Children with Shelly Russell-5

4- God Gave you that story

5- An Avenue of Obedience

6- Point A to Point B

7- Birth & Death in the Jungle

8- Ed McCully Story- A Job Nobody Else Could Handle

11- Nate Saint Story

12- Roger Youderian Story- The Man from Montana

13- Operation Auca

14- Contact with Stone Age People

15- Spiritual Warfare

18- One Step At A Time

19- About Five Missionary Wives

20- A Glad Obedience

21- Missionaries Meeting Stone Age People

22- Silence in the Jungle

25- Life Goes On

26- The Purpose of God

27- A Reckless Prayer

28- Letting God Be God

29- A Weight of Glory


1- A Living Sacrifice

2- Life Abundant & Full

3- Offering Your Self

4- Relinquishing Ourselves

7-   Worship & Sacrifice  

8-   Your Life as a Worshipful Offering

9-   What is Love

10- Giving Him Acceptance

11- Desire to Judge Others

14- The Definition of Grace

15- He Giveth More Grace

16- Willing Obedience

17- How to Get to Know God

18- Prayer & Our Will

21- Obedience Means Loving Others

22- Loving God Means

23- Doing our Work Willingly

24- Being Employed by Christ

25- HYMNS- How Firm a Foundation & Crown Him with Many Crowns

28- Children & Schedules with Shelly Russell

29- Children’s Security with Shelly Russell

30- Disciplining Your Child with Shelly Russell

31- Training Your Child with Shelly Russell

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