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Gateway to Joy

Weekly Air Time:
Monday - Friday: 11:15 AM

Elisabeth Elliot was one of the most influential Christian women of our time. Her best selling books, timeless teachings and courageous faith have influenced believers and seekers of Jesus Christ throughout the world. She used her experiences as a daughter, wife, mother, widow, and missionary to bring the message of Christ to countless people around the world.

Elisabeth's first husband, Jim Elliot, was killed in 1956 while attempting to make missionary contact with the Auca (now known as Huaorani) of eastern Ecuador. Elisabeth later spent two years as a missionary to the tribe members who killed her husband. Returning to the United States after many years in South America, she became widely known as the author of over twenty books and as a speaker in constant demand. She went home to Heaven in 2015, but her program continues to bless many.

Availability notice - Copies of Gateway to Joy are available for a $5.00 donation for each CD. BBN can only offer available messages for 30 days after the message has been aired. Shipping is limited to US addresses only. You may [use your credit card] to send the donation or write to:

PO Box 7300
Charlotte, NC 28241

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Gateway to Joy Schedule


1- Singleness is a Gift (Understanding Courtship-9)

4- My Testimony

5- Losing Your Life by Trying to Save it (A Path Through Suffering-1)  

6- The Roadblock of Suffering (A Path Through Suffering-2)

7- Unfolding Destiny (A Path Through Suffering-3)

8- Death to the Old Leaf (A Path Through Suffering-4)

11- Biblical Suffering (A Path Through Suffering-5)

12- Our Father is the Gardener (A Path Through Suffering-6)

13- Suffering is our Teacher (A Path Through Suffering-7)

14- Job (A Path Through Suffering-8)

15- The Whole World is in His Hands (A Path Through Suffering-9)

18- A Day in the Life of Elisabeth (Life at Strawberry Cove-1)

19- The Meaning of the Cross (Life at Strawberry Cove-2)

20- The Blessing of Nature (Life at Strawberry Cove-3)

21- Thankful for Meaningful Work (Life at Strawberry Cove-4)

22- Cooperating as Husband & Wife (Life at Strawberry Cove-5)

25- The Value of a Good Example (Living With Our Children-1 w-Lovelace Howard)

26- Questioning God (Living With Our Children-2 w-Lovelace Howard)

27- Modelling Faith (Living With Our Children-3 w-Lovelace Howard)

28- Enjoying Your Children (Living With Our Children-4 w-Lovelace Howard)

29- Wonderful Things in Eastern Europe


1- Things Lost or Wasted

2- A Good Reason for Living

3- A Divine Appointment

4- An Entrance to Auca Territory

7-   Two Stone Age Women

8-   Irreducible Minimum

9-   Meeting My Husband's Killer

10- Romance & Reality

11- A Fire That Never Goes Out

14- What Bugged Me Most

15- Being a Fish Out of Water

16- Living One Day at a Time

17- The Missionary’s Job

18- Writing an Unwritten Language

21- Reflections on Life in Ecuador

22- The Protection of Self-Restraint (Understanding Courtship-1)

23- Whose Am I? (Understanding Courtship-2)

24- Illustration with Eight Principles (Understanding Courtship-3)

25- Illustration of Isaac (Understanding Courtship-4)

28- John & Betty Stam (Understanding Courtship-5)

29- A Modern Illustration (Understanding Courtship-6)

30- Celibacy (Understanding Courtship-7)

31- Following God’s Divine Design (Understanding Courtship-8)


3- The Purpose of God

4- A Reckless Prayer

5- Letting God Be God

6- A Weight of Glory

7- Bearing the Stamp of Christ

10- The Making of a Christian

11- Falling in Love

12- Spiritual Ups & Downs

13- Context of Fruit Bearing

14- What I Need to Know for Now

17- Quietness

18- Discouragement

19- God's Timing

20- Moping About What is not Given

21- The Realized Will of God

24- How God Grants our Hearts Desires

25- A Surprise Package-Newlyweds

26- He is No Fool--Quote by Jim Elliot

27- When Someone You Loved, Dies-1

28- When Someone You Loved, Dies-2

31- Heaven



1- Like a Shepherd Lead Us (The Lord’s Prayer-24)

2- Lead Us Not Into Temptation (The Lord’s Prayer-25)  


5- Summary of the Lord’s Prayer (The Lord’s Prayer-26)

6- Still More Forgiveness

7- Modesty

8- Coping with Unemployment

9- Letters From Men


12- An Avenue of Obedience

13- Point A to Point B

14- Birth & Death in the Jungle

15- Ed McCully Story- A Job Nobody Else Could Handle

16- Nate Saint Story


19- The Man from Montana-The Roger Youderian Story

20- Operation Auca

21- Contact with Stone Age People

22- Spiritual Warfare

23- One Step At A Time


26- About Five Missionary Wives

27- A Glad Obedience

28- Missionaries Meeting Stone Age People

29- Silence in the Jungle

30- Life Goes On


1- The Mystery of Prayer (The Lord’s Prayer-1)

2- Religious Duty or Ordered Action (The Lord’s Prayer-2)  

3- The Disciples’ Sensible Request (The Lord’s Prayer-3)

4- The Place to Begin in Approaching God (The Lord’s Prayer-4)

5- Hallowed be Thy Name (The Lord’s Prayer-5)

8-   Thy Kingdom Come (The Lord’s Prayer-6)  

9-   Offering Ourselves for the Purpose of the Kingdom (The Lord’s Prayer-7)  

10- Thy Will Be Done (The Lord’s Prayer-8)

11- All Shall be Well with God’s Will (The Lord’s Prayer-9)  

12- On Earth as It is in Heaven (The Lord’s Prayer-10)

15- The Path We Should Follow (The Lord’s Prayer-11)

16- A Life Full of Love & Rest (The Lord’s Prayer-12)

17- The Path That Leads to Joy (The Lord’s Prayer-13)

18- Taking Up the Cross (The Lord’s Prayer-14)

19- When We Are at Our Best (The Lord’s Prayer-15)

22- God’s Will is Love (The Lord’s Prayer-16)

23- Schemes of Earthly Joy (The Lord’s Prayer-17)

24- Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread (The Lord’s Prayer-18)

25- A Reverent Willingness to Receive (The Lord’s Prayer-19)

26- Life Out of Death (The Lord’s Prayer-20)

29- My Shepherd Will Supply (The Lord’s Prayer-21)

30- Forgiveness- Our Constant Need (The Lord’s Prayer-22)

31- Unforgiveness (The Lord’s Prayer-23)




5- Trusting is the Ground for Thanksgiving

6- A Different Kind of Woman

7- Humdudgeons

10- Heroes (Holy Week-1)

11- The Passion of Christ (Holy Week-2)

12- Silence & Self-denial (Holy Week-3)

13- Maundy Thursday (Holy Week-4)

14- Good Friday (Holy Week-5)

17- The Liberated Woman (True Liberation-1)

18- Defining True Freedom (True Liberation-2)

19- What Should My Priorities Be? (True Liberation-3)

20- Sacrificing to Make Things Work (True Liberation-4)

21- The Principle of Tithing

24- The Fear of Asking Your Children to Work (Helping the Family Work w- Val-1)  

25- Work & Play (Helping the Family Work w- Val-2)

26- Getting Children on a Schedule (Helping the Family Work w- Val-3)

27- Not Everything Needs to be Exciting (Helping the Family Work w- Val-4)  

28- Being a Good Mother-in-Law


1- Unity in the Home (Spiritual Opposition-3)  

2- Attacks on Our Time (Spiritual Opposition-4)

3- Television & Newspapers (Spiritual Opposition-5)  

6-   The Real World (Spiritual Opposition-6)  

7-   Temptation to Doubt (Spiritual Opposition-7)

8-   What is God’s Will? (Spiritual Opposition-8)

9-   Who Do You Serve? (Spiritual Opposition-9)

10- Reproduction Issues

13- Gratitude- Our Attitude & Response

14- From Belgium to Boston-1

15- From Belgium to Boston-2

16- From Belgium to Boston-3

17- Feminism & a Christian w-Warren Wiersbe

20- Guilt Trips (A Woman’s Work-1)

21- Full-Time Service (A Woman’s Work-2)

22- Your Husband’s Opinion (A Woman’s Work-3)

23- Selling Yourself (A Woman’s Work-4)

24- A Child’s Obedience (A Woman’s Work-5)

27- Spiritual Work (A Woman’s Work-6)

28- Older Women Teaching Younger Women (A Woman’s Work-7)

29- Prayer (A Woman’s Work-8)

30- Being a Nest Builder (A Woman’s Work-9)

31- Step Parents & Single Mothers (A Woman’s Work-10) 


1-   Qualifications Needed (Homeschooling-3)

2-   Authority & Respect (Homeschooling-4)

3-   Curriculum to Use (Homeschooling-5)

6-   A Typical Day (Homeschooling-6)

7-   Relationship to the Church & Others (Homeschooling-7)

8-   Is It For You? (Homeschooling-8)

9-   Great Hymns- Order Out of Chaos

10- Letting the Lord Teach Us

13- A Down-to-Earth Description of Holiness (Being a Holy Woman-1)

14- God Offers Life! (Being a Holy Woman-2)

15- An Absence of Suffering? (Being a Holy Woman-3)

16- No Special Conditions Necessary (Being a Holy Woman-4)

17- A Changed Woman (Being a Holy Woman-5)

20- Characteristics of a Holy Woman (Being a Holy Woman-6)

21- The Essence of Femininity (Being a Holy Woman-7)

22- A Servant’s Attitude (Being a Holy Woman-8)

23- True Power (Being a Holy Woman-9)

24- Quietness (Being a Holy Woman-10)

27- Our Emotions  (Spiritual Opposition-1)

28- Little Dishonesties (Spiritual Opposition-2)


2- Homeschooling (Preparing For The New Year w-Val-4)

3- Heroes- Stewards of God’s Gifts  

4- Christian Freaks  

5- Unwanted Pregnancies  

6- My Testimony

9-   The Discipline of the Mind (Discipline of Mind, Place and Time-1)  

10- The Mind of Christ (Discipline of Mind, Place and Time-2)  

11- The Discipline of Place (Discipline of Mind, Place and Time-3)

12- The Discipline of Time-1 (Discipline of Mind, Place and Time-4)  

13- The Discipline of Time-2 (Discipline- The Glad Surrender-1)

16- The Discipline of Possessions (Discipline- The Glad Surrender-2)

17- The Discipline of Work-1 (Discipline- The Glad Surrender-3)

18- The Discipline of Work-2 (Discipline- The Glad Surrender-4)

19- Work and Emotion (The Discipline of the Emotions-1)

20- Conviction and Feelings (The Discipline of the Emotions-2)

23- Patiently Endure Ordinary Trials (The Discipline of the Emotions-3)

24- Feelings are Part of Our Humanity (The Discipline of the Emotions-4)

25- Hymns- "Rock of Ages" plus "And Can it Be"

26- Hymns- "A Mighty Fortress" and "I Am His & He is Mine"

27- Great Hymns- Fanny Crosby

30- Is Home Schooling Legal? (Homeschooling-1)

31- Being a Mother & Teacher - Robin Davis (Homeschooling-2)


1- Being Employed by Christ (Diligence-4)

2- God Gave you that story

5- Children & Schedules with Shelly Russell

6- Children’s Security with Shelly Russell

7- Disciplining Your Child with Shelly Russell

8- Training Your Child with Shelly Russell

9- Quiet Time & Children with Shelly Russell

12- Expect Less, Give More (A Simple Christmas-1)  

13- Making the Most of Christmas (A Simple Christmas-2)

14- How to Simplify Christmas (A Simple Christmas-3)

15- God Came Down (Stories for Christmas-1)

16- Born on the Wrong Side of the Tracks (Stories for Christmas-2)  

19- Mr. Gloomy-1 (Stories for Christmas-3)  

20- Mr. Gloomy-2 (Stories for Christmas-4)

21- King John's Christmas (Stories for Christmas-5)

22- An Old Lady's Christmas (Stories for Christmas-6)  

23- Away in a Manger (Stories for Christmas-7)  

26- The Day After Christmas

27- Giving Up Your Own Way (Preparing For The New Year w-Val-1)

28- Repentance (Preparing For The New Year w-Val-2)

29- What Repentance is Not (Preparing For The New Year w-Val-3)

30- New Year’s Day w-Val

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