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Musical Reflections

Weekly Air Time:
Saturday: 4:30 PM
Sunday: 08:02 am

Dr. Alfred B. Smith went home to be with the Lord August 9, 2001. Al Smith was a pioneer in the Christian music field. When he was a student at Wheaton college, Al Smith founded Singspiration, a Christian music recording and publishing company. Dr. Smith recorded such well known artists as Helen McAlerney Barth and George Beverly Shea. His own recordings, whether solos or duets with Helen Barth, are well loved because of Dr. Smiths sincere singing style. Dr. Smith also composed many Christian songs that were recorded by him, and other Christian artists.

Al Smith had been a friend of BBN for many years. We play recordings of his songs quite frequently. We enjoyed having him in our studios on several occasions, as he reminisced about the early days of recorded Christian music. You can hear Dr. Smith's insights into the history of some of his favorite hymns on a BBN produced program called Musical Reflections with Al Smith.

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