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Weekend Connection

Weekly Air Time:
Saturday: 4:02 pm

Each broadcast of Weekend Connection is hosted by one of our BBN announcers and features a fascinating and helpful discussion connecting you with ideas and information that will benefit you in the various aspects of your life. Weekend Connection will help you better live for Christ in your community and in the world.

Recent Guests:

4/29/17 Dr. Ray Surette is Professor of Criminal Justice at the University of Central Florida. Dr. Surette is an expert on the connection between crime and social media. He shares about the mindset of offenders who perpetrate crime on social media, and the attitude of those who share their posts several times.

4/22/17 Dr. Darrell Bock, the author of "Truth Matters" talks about academia's war on Faith and how we can arm our children for battle. Contact: or 214-887-5251

4/15/17 Author and speaker Carol Kent's son was sentenced to life in prison for murder. She talks about the stress and depression of families dealing with incarceration, but also the hope that can emerge in times of crisis. (Pt1) Contact:

4/8/17 Dr. Mark E. Klein, a radiologist, speaks about the importance of colon cancer screening. He describes a new, less invasive method of screening called "virtual colonoscopy." Contace:

4/1/17 David Nammo is the CEO of the Christian Legal Society based in Springfield, VA near Washington D.C. Contact:

3/25/17 Dr. Byron Johnson is co-author of a recent Baylor University study that examines the impact of faith based organizations on the nation's homeless problem. Dr. Johnson discusses how faith based organizations are doing the lion's share of work with the homeless. Contact: or 254-710-7555

3/18/17 Eva Velasquez, President of the Identity Theft Resource Center, talks about tax identity theft and fraud. Contact: or 888-400-5530

3/11/17 Stephanie Carmichael, a cancer survivor, talks about her struggles and triumphs in fighting the disease. This is the conclusion of a discussion that first aired on 11/19/16. Contact:

3/3/17 Scott Phelps, a representative from the Abstinence and Marriage Partnership discusses benefits of abstinence instruction is schools. Contact:

2/25/17 Dave O'Farrell talked about employment search for all ages and what's involved in today's marketplace. Contact:

2/11/17 and 2/18/17: Barbara Newman, Director of Church Services and a Teacher Consultant with the Christian Learning Center Network in Michigan. shares the plight of autistic Christians and Christian families of autistic children who find it difficult to be a part of a local church. Contact: or 616-245-8388

2/04/17: Part 2-Valeri Miller, a registered nurse, discusses Biblical caregiving and her experiences in being a caregiver to several family members for 17 years. Contact: or (864) 903-2008

1/28/17: Cyndy Feasel talks about life as an NFL football player's wife and about the effects of football injuries on athletes. Contact:

1/21/17: Dr. Marie Bernard, Deputy Director of National Institute on Aging, discusses healthy aging. or 800-222-2225

1/14/17: Thomas Nitzche talks about Clearpoint Credit Counseling Solutions, a non-profit in 16 states. Contact: or 877-877-1995

1/7/17: Christian economist Joe Monaco takes a look at how the election of President-elect Donald Trump may affect the American economy. Contact:

12/31/16: Valeri Miller, a registered nurse, discusses Biblical caregiving and her experiences in being a caregiver to several family members for 17 years. Contact: or (864) 903-2008

12/24/16: Duane Olberg, President of the Sonshine Society, discusses issues related to seniors and their families. Contact: or 425-353-4732

12/17/16: Kim Ruocco, a representative from Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS) discusses what TAPS does for those grieving the loss of a loved one in the military, regardless of the circumstance of death. Contact:

12/10/16: Dr. Steve Dowdle discusses retirement issues.

12/03/16: Coleen Tressler of the Federal Trade Commission speaks about internet fraud during the Christmas season. Contact: or 1-800-Fedinfo.

11/26/16: Peggy Nienaber of Faith and Action discusses the Gospel and public policy matters. Contact: or 202-546-8329.

11/19/16: Stephanie Carmichael is a cancer survivor who talks about her struggles and triumphs in fighting the disease. Contact:

11/12/16: Mike Sherrard, Director of Ratio Christi College Prep, discusses how that organization prepares high school students to defend their faith in the face of growing discrimination and persecution. Contact:

11/05/16: Terry Shelton, a representative from the Department of Transportation, explains ways to avoid distracted driving. Contact:

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