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Redeeming The Time

Weekly Air Time:
Monday - Friday: 4:45 PM

"Redeeming the Time" is a one minute radio program teaching Christians practical techniques for managing time. The speaker on "Redeeming the Time" is Rick Grubbs. Rick travels internationally as part of "Life Changing Seminars." He speaks at conferences, conventions, pastors' retreats and seminars.

Rick Grubbs says, "I think a lot about time. I have only a very limited amount of it between now and the day I die. My purpose in life is to invest that time in such a way that at the end of my life, I will see the greatest number of people serving the Lord through my labors.

I feel God's calling for me is to accomplish this by teaching His people to "Redeem the Time". I feel it so strongly that in 1998 I left all my secular work to give myself fully to the ministry of LCS. It has been exciting to see what God has done since then! Yet I am even more excited about the future!

I have felt for some time now the most effective way for me to reach a wider audience with my message is through radio. So, we have launched a one minute radio program focusing on time-related topics for Christians."

Redeeming The Time is not required to pay for airtime on BBN. BBN is completely listener supported. If you would like to help BBN bring Redeeming The Time to your area, you may send a contribution.

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