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BBN's History

On May 28, 1968, Lowell Davey, President of the Bible Broadcasting Network, made an offer to purchase a radio station in Norfolk, Virginia. As he stated in that letter, "We sense the need of a quality station that is Christian oriented and has quality music, both classical and Christian. We are, therefore, in the process of looking for the availability of such a station."

That was the beginning of the Bible Broadcasting Network. Lowell Davey was not able to purchase that station but the idea of BBN was underway. Official incorporation took place about a year later on March 28, 1969, when God led BBN to purchase a radio station that had gone bankrupt and was off the air.

Through several miracles, God began BBN with that radio station in Norfolk, VA. WYFI signed on October 2, 1971 at 5:00 in the evening.

Since that beginning so many years ago, we have played our theme song every morning at 5:57 AM - "To God Be The Glory. Great Things He Has Done." We give God the glory for moving and opening doors to reach the hearts of people everywhere using the tool of radio.

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