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Our Purpose

Simply stated, our purpose is to get God's word into the hearts and minds of people using the most efficient means at our disposal. Radio and the internet remain the most cost-effective tools for reaching people with the Gospel and teaching them 24 hours a day.

We fulfill our purpose using the unique tools of technology along with a unique blend of ministry-focused programming. The truth of the Gospel has not lost its power, but has often lost its audience because of poor or inadequate presentation. We may only have one chance to share the Gospel message with a person. Our message must always be right and honoring to the Lord and be presented in a way that doesn't take away from its importance.

For us, radio is not a business. It is a ministry. We believe the programming must be warm, friendly and informative and must present the Truth. The microphones of the Bible Broadcasting Network are as sacred as any pulpit in the world so we broadcast daily prayer times, children's programs, Bible teaching, teen programs and family guidance programs. We also provide a toll-free number for personal guidance (1-800-888-7077). Through these avenues, we are able to share the Gospel, often leading people to Jesus Christ.

BBN is a ministry that meets spiritual needs. Would you help us by inviting those you know to tune in? Our desire is that many will come to Christ, homes will be built up, and Christians will go forth to evangelize in fulfillment of the Great Commission.

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