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xxx I came from Indonesia
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ who works in BBN, and specially you, who is reading this message, first of all I must apologize for I can not write properly in both English nor Chinese, coz I came from Indonesia and less educated, but I can read Chinese as well. I am very happy coz God let me can take part of His works, even though I only can a little bit to support you..奉獻很微的金钱。BBN is one of a good media that can help us to growing our faith, I listening to BBN Mandarin version, I am living in HK. I would like to have an account detail, including bank name, account number and and bank address, so I can transfer the amount of 4 hundred USD ($400 ) to BBN. Forgive me that I don't like to use credit card coz I am quite an old fashion one, and a bad experience of mine once happened to me that my credit card details ever got stolen and bad people used it to purchased things. So I prefer to transfer to an account you give me, after I do that I will send the receipt of bank transaction note to you. Thank you so much for your help. God bless all your works. Peace and love in Christ.

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