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Purifying our Minds

Purifying our Minds        

As we go about our lives in this world, sometimes before we even realize it, our thought-life can be adversely affected just by rubbing shoulders, so to speak, with the sinful and wicked things that bombard our minds each day. Of course, there are also the planned attacks by our spiritual enemy, the devil, that often sends wicked thoughts hurling through our minds as well. Then, of course, we have our own fallen, sinful flesh to deal with and it is all too ready to cooperate with those evil thoughts that come dashing through, so with all these things to grapple with, we have a real fight on our hands, or I should say, in our minds, in order to stay pure in our thought-life. BBN BI to the rescue! We have over 100 free Bible courses in 7 divisions of study with which to occupy our minds and keep our thoughts on the Lord and His grace to us. Some of these courses include such thought-provoking truths as  is course number 21000, The Life That Pleases God by Dr. Donald Hubbard and course number 21200, Putting Your Past Behind You, taught by Dr. Erwin Lutzer. Over 82,000 people are currently enrolled for study and we would love to have you as a student as well. It is free, and the site is While you're at it, you may want to invite your friends to try it as well.

Written By:   David Wyatt    Date Posted:  7/15/2010 4:04 PM
Number of Views:  4932

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