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The Gift That Lasts

The Gift That Lasts

Have you ever considered what would be the greatest gift you could possibly give a person?

Notice some of the most expensive gifts recently for sale on the Internet.

Tie - $250,000

Pure silk and studded with 261 diamonds.

Socks - $400

Made by a British textile family.  Special wools and Cashmeres are used.

Coffee - $300 per lb.

Kopi Luwak coffee beans are individually eaten and processed by civet cats (mongoose looking critters) and then retrieved by human pickers to be processed for coffee connoisseurs.

Coffee maker - $4000

Made of over 3 thousand crystals.

Doll – $6,250,000

4’ L’Oiseleur doll.  She plays the flute and has over 2,300 polished steel parts.  No batteries are necessary.  She operates like a precisioned, wind-up watch. It takes over 15,000 hours to make one of these.

Teddy Bear -  $193,000

This bear’s mouth is made of gold and its eyes are of diamonds and sapphires.

Musical Instrument – $18 million

Vieuxtemps violin, made in 1741 by an Italian craftsman Guarneri del Gesù.  It has unimaginable sound quality.

Perfume - $90,000

A beautiful bottle of rare fragrance that is cradled in a wood box covered with gold, diamonds, and rubies.


The greatest gift a true believer can share with another person is Christ.  There is none other like Him and He alone can receive a sinner and change him to a child of God.  So one of the greatest gifts we can share is the truth of this Savior so that our friends, family, and acquaintances might have His everlasting life.  Have you shared the Good News of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection lately?  O that we may become passionate about telling others!

Another gift of inestimable value is helping another come to understand God’s word better.  It is His word that He uses to cleanse and change our minds and lives.  It is then that we can begin to be, live, and love as He desires for us.  One way you can do this is by telling others about BBN radio and the BBN Bible Institute where God’s word is taught daily on the radio and online. 

You can share the ITL cards and the BI cards with friends.  You can post our websites on your web pages and emails.  You can give a gift that will change a life forever.  No better gift could you give if you had millions of dollars to spend.  These are lasting gifts that you can give at no expense to you except concern and effort.

Feel free to post the following links on your web page and/or emails.

All Christian Radio ( & Free online Bible Institute, (

The following link will provide banners that you can use to post on your web page or your Face Book account.

Posted By:  Shannon Dyess    Date Posted:  12/21/2010 4:20 PM
Number of Views:  5045

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