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Starvation Diet

Starvation DIET!...

Many of our students have walked through doctrinally parched denominations and have existed on starvation diets sitting in churches that have served thimble sized containers of the water of Divine truth.  To see them drink freely and deeply from the sloshing buckets of seasoned, dedicated Bible teachers and hear of the excitement and joy that is bubbling from their refreshed souls is truly thrilling and rewarding.  Some students have walked with God for long years and are in good churches but they too are excited with their find of BBN Bible Institute ( They are like old trees at springtime with beautiful, new flaming flowers colorfully adorning their old trunks.

Having spent a life time in ministry I have never seen, nor been a part of a ministry like BBN, and more specifically the Bible Institute.  I can say a life time of ministry because my father was a Pastor and our whole family was involved.  I was saved as a youth and have been privileged to learn and share God’s Word since.  It is exciting for me to see the power of God’s Word at work in the hearts and lives of our students.  It is awesome to see how God has allowed BBN to use today’s technology to make the teaching of God’s Word available to the world, FREE of charge and at their disposal any hour and any day of the week.

If BBNBI has blessed and helped your life, Email us and share the good news.  Share the good news with your friends and invite them to drink from the cool refreshing wells of the Bible Institute.  With faith and anticipation we look forward to seeing the fruit that God is going to miraculously generate in more lives.  We hope you will be one of those.  To God be the glory!

Written By:   Shannon Dyess    Date Posted:  1/14/2011 1:28 PM
Number of Views:  4955

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