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Wobble, Wimp out, or Wipe out


Life is filled with surprises, opportunities, and disappointments.  There are times when it is a struggle to face these with hope and optimism.  For all of us there are inevitable, uninvited intruders in our lives such as: offenses, quarrels, unforgiveness, bitterness, depression, broken relationships, divorce, temptations, failure, loss, pain, and the list could continue.  Some of these things come in manageable packages and we can brush them off with a nonchalant “C’est la vie" (French, "This is life!").  Other times it feels like we will be drowned with the rising tide of these pooled together.

It is true that we find ourselves feeling and facing despair because we have failed to handle our lives “with prayer!”

God has given to His children (genuine, true Believers) the powerful weapon of prayer.  When we neglect to pray we wobble, wimp out, or wipe out.  When we fail to grab this weapon by the handle and wield it wisely we can easily find ourselves flirting with failure, disappointment, or impotence.  Why bury your head in the sand pile of  “c’est la vie” when you can have God’s omnipotent help?

We are kindly invited and instructed in the Scriptures to pray. 

                “Ask and it shall be given you...”   (Mark 7:7);

                “Call unto Me and I will answer you...”   (Jeremiah 33:3);

                “Be careful for nothing (don’t worry about anything) but in every thing 
                 by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be
                 made known unto God”   (Philippians 4:6);

                “But my God shall supply all your need...”   (Philippians 4:19);

                “You have not because you ask not”   (James 4:2).

This week we want to recommend two helpful courses in our Bible Institute to enhance your knowledge and ability to pray.  These are: 20500, The Value of Prayer by Ray Stedman and 21800, The School of Prayer by Warren Wiersbe.

We invite you to begin your study today and invite a friend to do the same.

Posted By:  Shannon Dyess    Date Posted:  4/20/2011 3:57 PM
Number of Views:  4639

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