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Do you know that one of the Bible’s strongest warnings and even one of its strongest condemnations is against persons teaching “another gospel.” The Bible strongly emphasizes there is only one gospel.

Have you ever wondered “Just what exactly is the Gospel?”

A proliferation of religions, denominations, and ministers often emphasize different ideas as to what the Gospel is.  This has led to much confusion and false doctrine. To some the Gospel involves being good, helping people, and living by the Golden Rule. To others it is being involved in a church or religious organization. To some it involves feeding the hungry, giving to the poor, providing shelter or water to third world needy; others feel strongly it means tolerance, forgiveness, or planet stewardship.  And then there are those who believe it is adhering to certain doctrines in Scripture or doing certain religious acts such as baptism, penance, prayer, and sacraments.

So which is it?  What truly is the gospel?  How is one to cut through all of these possibilities and come up with the real deal?  How is one to know if he/she is correct in their ideas or beliefs concerning this?

We have a course in the Bible Institute that thoroughly identifies what the Scriptures teach is the true Gospel.  Dr. Richard Seymour's lessons give five key elements of the Gospel message: God's Demand, Man's Condition, God's Provision, Man's Response, and God's Guarantee. This study will inspire you to the Gospel's priority and your role as God's messenger in this world.  We invite you to locate Course # 00400 and study with us, but don’t keep all this good news to yourself, influence a friend to experience the joys of

Written By:   Shannon Dyess    Date Posted:  7/6/2011 3:16 PM
Number of Views:  4401

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