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Skinny Smith in a Bottle

Skinny Smith

in a Bottle


Skinny Smith loved to travel so much that after his death at age 57 by a brain hemorrhage, his wife Beverly had him cremated.  She then put some of his ashes in three different bottles and inserted a note and two dollars in them.  One bottle was thrown into a lake in Tennessee, one in the waters of Costa Rica and one in a harbor in the Florida Keys.  Beverly requested in the notes in the bottles that if someone found the bottle please call her at the number provided (the money was for the phone call), and then tell her where her husband was.  She wanted him to keep traveling awhile longer.  Several have found Skinny’s bottle and called Beverly to give their location and then have thrown the bottle back into the water for his travels to continue.

Though this story has a romantic feel to it, it is sad.  Many in our world are unaware that when their last breath in this life is expelled, their next inhaled breath will be in the location of the next life, either in heaven or in hell. The body may rest beneath a memorial marker or its ashes bob along in a bottle, but the real person is awake and conscious in the joys and peace of heaven or in torments of hell.  I do not know the final destination of Skinny Smith, but I ask you – Where will your final destination be – heaven or hell?  If you desire it to be in heaven you must make preparations ahead of death because heaven is the home of God, the Creator of this world and He is the sovereign Judge of all, and you must make peace with Him on His terms.  John 3:16-18 will give you those terms in brief.

We have a course in the BBN Bible Institute that will help you to be sure this most important matter is rightly settled in your heart or in the hearts of those you love (you can recommend this to them) – 10600 Doctrine of the New Birth.  Just as Skinny Smith, every human has a rendezvous with death.  However, after death everyone will face judgment.  There will be a judgment for the unrighteous and a separate one for the righteous.  God wants those He has made righteous to live in anticipation of Jesus’ second coming.  What we do in this life has serious implications in the life to come.  We have a course to help Christians to be ready to happily meet the Lord – 50900 The Rapture.

Be ready for your last trip; at such a time when you are unaware, Jesus will call for you or come for you!


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Written By:   Shannon Dyess    Date Posted:  8/6/2013 4:27 PM
Number of Views:  4528

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