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Power Unlike Any Other

Power Unlike Any Other

A major bank has failed, the people of the nation are beginning to panic, while immorality and apathy towards spiritual things have turned into outright opposition and hostility. On top of all this, the preachers that were still given an ear are predicting the end of the world, and giving specific dates for it. The year, amazingly enough is not 2014 or even 2011, but 1857. Though the nation was mainly diving into apostasy and anarchy, a tiny remnant were quietly taking God seriously, when He said, “Call unto Me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.” One man, a Christian layman named, interestingly enough, Jeremiah Lanphier, advertised a prayer meeting and invited the public, hoping for large numbers to show up. He even rented a hall, with room for many, yet only six showed up. Undaunted, he and those six prayed, and conditions worsened. Yet with large companies failing and people becoming hopeless occurring on a large scale, by the third week of Mr. Lanphier’s meetings devoted solely to prayer, forty showed up. The stock market crashed, and now people were beginning to flock to the prayer meetings, so that by the 6-month mark, over 10,000 were attending and attenders were increasing. This fervor to look to God in prayer spread all over the country, with meetings in many large cities including Chicago and New York where it began, spread to cities and towns of all sizes, and even to other countries! It was also affecting the lives of people, as believers returned to the Lord, and sinners came to Christ, while morals noticeably became more godly wherever prayer had spread. Churches that had been merely social clubs began to refocus their attention to the cross of Christ and lives were changed for the better. This event that came to be referred to as the Third Great Awakening is a stirring reminder that prayer is one of the weapons of a Christian's warfare, in fact, it is the greatest expression of faith that a Christian can exhibit!

The BBN Bible Institute, now with over 200,000 students enrolled world-wide, offers the course 20500 The Value of Prayer, in which you can learn valuable, Biblical truths concerning prayer. If you have taken or are taking this course or other courses at and are receiving a blessing, by all means, share it with a friend. May the Lord bless you.

Written By:   David Wyatt    Date Posted:  3/6/2014 11:40 AM
Number of Views:  4344

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