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Why do so many churches seem to be spiritually limping along or spiritually dead? Can it be because Christians themselves neglect to pray as they should? The truth is we pray too little. Too often we are practical, busy, and frustrated like Martha, Jesus' friend (Luke 10:38-42) and too few of us are purposeful, worshipful and pleasing like Martha's sister, Mary. All too often our efforts are primary and our prayers secondary. God never intended for prayer to be incidental but rather essential to doing His will and work.

Let us learn from the life of Jesus to rise early and get alone with God. This is seldom easy, but it will ever be essential. As one poet wrote:

                      Meet Him Early

            That time of day which most dislike,
                All song is still,
                And one's thoughts are fresh.

                The watching moon longs to retire;
                The sun still rests;
                Solitude is king.

                The Holy One on throne aright,
                Softly whispers
                “My friend, I am near!”(c)

Let us rise early and kneel humbly lest we race and stumble throughout the day. We would be wise to meet our heavenly Father early as well as at other times throughout our day.

BBN Bible Institute offers 2 courses on prayer that could be used of God to help you with your praying: 20500 The Value of Prayer and 21800 The School Of Prayer. Please suggest these to your friends too.

Written By:   Shannon Dyess    Date Posted:  6/9/2014 2:53 PM
Number of Views:  3536

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