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Nearly 100 years ago, a black gentleman that had been born into slavery in the United States, and whose parents had died before he came of age, saw a large church building being built that would house thousands of worshipers who were members of the small church of which he was the pastor. The new larger building was built due to the fact that many people came to the Lord under his ministry. While he ministered in this church and shepherded the people of God there, believers in Christ from all walks of life as well as many of varied nationalities not only worshiped there but became servant-leaders in the church as well. This gentleman’s name was Charles Albert Tindley, and he had once been the janitor of the church that he grew up to serve, in which the Lord caused such growth that a new building was needed! He had grown up in extreme poverty and hardship, yet his life also became one of the brightest and sweetest testimonies to God’s grace in Christ ever known. Charles A. Tindley wrote many hymns, some that you likely know and have heard on BBN are Take Your Burden to the Lord and Leave It There, and Nothing Between My Soul and the Savior among many others. When we really get down to what matters in life and death, the question, is it real becomes all-important. The Christian faith, as portrayed in God’s Word, the Bible, has been tried and found true by multitudes, including Charles Tindley, me, and hopefully you! If you would like to study God’s Word free of charge, something which many thousands are currently doing, check out the BBN Bible Institute at with over 100 free courses in 3 levels and 7 divisions of study, and if it works for you, tell a friend!

Written By:   David Wyatt    Date Posted:  8/28/2014 2:30 PM
Number of Views:  4259

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