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The Best Use of a Gift

The Best Use of a Gift


Likely many if not all of us reading this know the Bible account of a godly lady named Hannah, who so desperately wanted a child, but it seemed that as her life continued on, and she prayed and prayed, no child came. She finally asked the Lord that if He would give her a child, that she would dedicate him wholly to Him! This is interesting in that her child would be a Levite, and this tribe was already dedicated to the Lord in a real sense. Hannah could have therefore said that since her long-awaited and greatly desired child was already dedicated to the Lord that she had done enough and she’d take him to herself and keep him! Yet, Hannah was a truly godly lady; she did exactly as she had promised the Lord when He granted her request. She even named her son according to God’s faithfulness to her, Samuel meaning that she’d asked, and was heard by God!

The reason we share all this is that Hannah realized something that we all should. We are stewards in that we have been entrusted with something special in which we are accountable to the Giver, which of course is God, the Giver of all things including life itself! Hannah obviously recognized this and she loved God enough to keep her promise, knowing that by giving her beloved son, Samuel, to the Lord as she’d promised, He would make of him all that he could be!

Is there something which God has entrusted to you that He wants you to give back to Him so He can make of it, or them, all that they can be?  Though the BBN Bible Institute ( offers many free Bible courses, we believe there is one in particular that will help answer the foregoing question, as well as many other important life questions. This particular course is 20700 Stewardship of Life, taught by Tom Taylor. As you study with us in our free, online Bible Institute, if you find it to be a blessing to you, by all means share it with others!

Written By:   David Wyatt    Date Posted:  12/2/2014 11:26 AM
Number of Views:  3671

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