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God Doesn't Shush us



Ever wonder what God is up to?

Have you ever wondered something like: If God is so good, why is my marriage unraveling? If He is so good why does He let good people suffer? If God is so great why doesn’t He do something about world hunger, world peace, or the inevitable death of a loved one with an incurable disease?

These are fair questions! God is not intimidated by any of our questions and He does not shush us when we venture to ask them. However, if we ask the wrong questions it is highly likely we will get the wrong answers. If we ask the wrong person we are not likely to get a right answer.

One of the unique things about God is that He has ever been about revelation. He wants us to know him! This is the reason He has given us the Bible. The better you know the Bible, the better you will know God. Life makes a lot better sense when you understand the ways of God. This is one of the purposes for BBN Bible Institute - helping you to know God better. Have you studied with us lately? Any course, any time, at no cost to you!  BBN Bible Institute

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Written By:   Shannon Dyess    Date Posted:  7/8/2015 2:17 PM
Number of Views:  3476

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