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Turn That Radio OFF!!!

Turn That Radio


TURN THAT RADIO OFF! Jesuino shouted day after day at his wife and three sons. His wife and sons are Christians and have listened to BBN for years, but Jesuino didn’t like hearing that Christian music. He always thought of himself as superior to Christians and he hated the Bible and would never allow anyone to say anything from the Scriptures to him. 

Sometime ago, he was working in a house where the lady of the home was a BBN listener and keeps her radio on BBN all day long. Since he could not tell her to turn her radio off, he had to listen, and the strange thing was, he began to like what he heard! After listening for a few days he quit telling his family to turn off BBN radio. As he listened to the Word of God, it began to touch his heart. One night he was so convicted of his sin that he couldn't sleep. So the first thing the next morning he went over to one of our stations to talk with a radio minister.  He shared how he had always thought of himself as being superior to others, but was now feeling different since he had started listening to BBN. With an open Bible our representative shared with him the Gospel and he listened very intently.  It wasn’t long before he fell to his knees and in tears he loudly begged Jesus to forgive his “miserable, sinful life and save his soul.”  He said it was the very first time ever he had allowed someone to confront him with the Word of God.  He was so relieved and so at peace after he had asked Jesus to be his Savior that he couldn’t wait to go home and tell his wife and sons that now he belonged to the family of God.

Christ-honoring music and life-changing Bible teaching can make a difference in the life of any that will listen whether a believer or an unbeliever. Listen to BBN Radio and tell your friends about us. We would like to hear from you how God uses BBN radio in your life.

Written By:   Shannon Dyess    Date Posted:  7/31/2015 3:54 PM
Number of Views:  3648

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