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Martha, Martha

Martha, Martha...

Martha was scurrying about her kitchen and engrossed in the details of preparing a meal for Jesus. Likely, she was rattling dishes and stressed about producing a pleasurable meal for Him on that day. But she was bothered; Mary (her sister) was engrossed in conversation with Jesus in the den and wasn’t doing a thing to help her. Exasperated, she poked her head into the den and said: “Lord, don’t you care that Mary has left me in here to do all this work alone? Send her in here to help me!”

It is easy for us to get caught up in the busyness of our day. There are a thousand things that need doing and are vying for our time. If we are not careful and intentional, we will allow the good and important things to crowd out the vital and the eternal things.

Jesus kind of startled Martha with a barbed and yet gracious reminder: “Martha, Martha, you are overly burdened and bothered with busyness; Mary has chosen the more needful and better thing.” You see, Mary had made time in the midst of much to do - to spend time with Jesus.

The hymn writer reminded us in song: “Take time to be holy, the world rushes on…” We hope you will take advantage of our BBN Bible studies to help you to make time to spend time with the Lord in His word. Please permit us to suggest two courses that can be of eternal benefit to you: 50200 Some Problems We Face and 40500 Peter.

Written By:   Shannon Dyess    Date Posted:  10/13/2015 2:34 PM
Number of Views:  2926

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