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About two years ago, out of curiosity I began tuning in to different stations. I was sad and discouraged with a lot personal problems. I was disappointed with the radio stations until I tuned into 92.3.... Thank God I heard BBN; I like what I heard throughout the programming. I repented of my sins and was saved that very day!  If I could express how grateful I am to God for BBN, for faithfully preaching the Saving Gospel. Today, I still have many problems, but the joy I have from being saved and knowing that my sins were forgiven and that Jesus Christ died on a cross for me! It’s such a joy to feel this way…. Everton

Greetings, I just wanted you to know that I have completed the BBN BI course Foundational Beliefs. I audited it. I downloaded the Lessons so I can study without an internet connection. I've been a believer since I was a teenager and this course was a great refresher for me to again understand in detail the basics of the faith. Many thanks for the BBN BI. We are blessed by BBN and are thrilled that we can be a monthly supporter of BBN. Jack

God is doing marvelous things in the lives of people literally around the world. BBN is reaching into 175 countries through our various ministries. All of this is made available to everyone at no cost to them. But there are costs! And it is God’s people like you that help us finance this needy ministry. At this time each year we have on our BBN Share-a-thon, where we share with our BBN friends the new projects, repairs and upgrades we have for the year and we ask you to prayerfully consider making a generous donation to help us do this great work. Many respond by making a one time gift, others by giving on a monthly basis. It is because of the generosity of others that you have this outlet available to you.

Won’t you help us to keep this ministry reaching out another year by your financial support? Be one of those that helps to make an eternal difference in the lives of others like Everton and Jack.

Make an eternal investment now. Click here.

You can hear our Share-a-thon live by clicking here (April 4-6).

Written By:   Shannon Dyess    Date Posted:  4/2/2016 11:52 AM
Number of Views:  2773

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