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As Forlorn As A Ghost town...


Being a native Texan I have driven many thousands of the 262,000 square miles in the great state of Texas. There are at least 260 recorded "Ghost towns" and many abandoned buildings scattered in the 254 counties. While driving through some of the spacious and remote miles, a question would pry at the corner of my mind.  “Why would someone desert such a handsome home place or business?”  I have often wished that the bleached walls of an abandoned structure could whisper or that the invading bushes would blab the hidden past.

As I gaze upon the Christian landscape of our day there is a word, a Bible characteristic, a practice that stands forlorn as a ghost town on the plains of West Texas.  It’s the word “holiness.” Holiness and its derivatives are mentioned in the pages of Scripture more than 685 times.  It must be of great significance to our sovereign and holy, Heavenly Father.

There is real significance and necessity for us in this great attribute.  It is God’s overriding attribute.  His name is Holy; His son is holy; His Spirit is holy; His Book is holy; and His children are to be holy.  What is the holiness of God?  Since you and I are commanded to be holy, what does God have in mind?  What will our lives be like when we are holy?

We invite you to take this course in our BBN Bible Institute, 20600 Living in Holiness.  The lessons are ably and passionately taught by veteran Pastor and Evangelist, Dr. Ross Rhoads.

We have 117 more courses also, and these can be a refreshing prevention of spiritual dryness and doctrinal abandonment.  Get off the beaten path of Bible familiarity and take in the beauty and “ahh” of neglected truths.

Invite a friend to join you in your journey of spiritual adventure in the Bible Institute.

Written By:   Shannon Dyess    Date Posted:  4/12/2016 12:26 PM
Number of Views:  2902

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