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It seems a man that had been a beggar and homeless all his adult life had by a miracle of events actually become the king of a small country! He had been used to scavenging for food and whatever he could find to keep him alive, but then he had at his beck and call the finest fare available in all his country in the palace as its king, along with everything else he could imagine. All was going great until one morning as he awoke, for some unexplained reason he forgot who he was and by force of habit, left the palace and went back to his old places and began digging through scraps to find whatever he could to keep him alive, all the while dressed in his kingly robe and his crown still on his head! This of course sounds impossible to be true and as you have no doubt figured out from the beginning it is not. Yet there is a lesson for us in this for our Christian walk as believers in Christ.

Paul in book of Ephesians in chapters 1-3, teaches us that as believers we are brand new creations in Christ and he lists some of the amazing spiritual blessings we possess now! All our blessings are in Christ and due to His sacrificial death and glorious resurrection for us, and though we often find that we suffer in this Christ-rejecting world, we can as Paul while in a Roman dungeon, rejoice in Christ. Unfortunately many believers suffer needlessly spiritually in their walk with Christ because as our fictitious beggar-become-king, they have forgotten who they are in Christ. The BBN Bible Institute offers an especially helpful course along this line, dealing with this tremendous little Epistle to the Ephesians, entitled: 21600 The Royal Priesthood at

We believe it will be a great blessing to you and if so, tell some friends!

Written By:   David Wyatt    Date Posted:  1/22/2018 1:36 PM
Number of Views:  2292

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