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A Sheep Saves the Life
A Sheep Saves the Life
of a Falling Craftsman

In his travels in Europe a tourist came upon a unique building with an unusual spire rising from it. About two-thirds up the spire’s length was a stone figure of a sheep, and from the sheep’s back the spire continued to its point. The fascinated tourist stopped a resident and asked if he knew the story of the spire.

The man relayed to him that as the masons were constructing the spire, one of them lost his balance and fell from the perilous height.  

“No doubt he was killed,” the traveler exclaimed!

“No,” was the surprising response.  “His co-workers rushed to the pavement below expecting to find a mutilated body, but they found instead a badly, shakened mason and a dead sheep.”

“You see,” the man continued, “a local farmer was escorting some sheep to market to be slaughtered and as they were passing through the mason’s fall was broken by landing on the back of one of his sheep. The builder had that stone sheep placed in the spire as a lasting tribute to the dying sheep that saved that craftsman from an awful death.”

Isn’t that a great picture of what Christ the Lamb of God, did for you and me?  He died in the place of sinners and the cross is still a reminder of that needed Sacrifice. This is the message of BBN.

We invite you to learn more of the story of Jesus in our course, 11000 Doctrine of Christ, in our BBN Bible Institute. Also, share with your friends BBN radio and Bible Institute (share by email, Facebook and Twitter).

Written By:   Shannon Dyess    Date Posted:  8/6/2018 11:54 AM
Number of Views:  2394

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