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Tools, Tools, Tools
A Tool in Hand

Tools are objects used to create, fix, install, repair, and change things. I like tools and tool stores are some of my favorite places to go.  With tools you can make things and when you complete a job, you can step back and enjoy the sweet fruit of accomplishment. 

When my sons where small, I began buying them tools for Christmas gifts.  At first they were thrilled with the idea but then it became mundane.  However, as time went by they began to look forward to their next tool gift.  Now grown and on their own they enjoy working with their hands and appreciate their tool supplies.

Here at BBN we recognize God has given us some tools to create, install, change, and repair things.  He’s given us the tools of Radio, Chat and the BBN Bible Institute.  With these we can reach around the world into homes, vehicles, offices, retirement centers, prisons and more.

These are unique days and awesome opportunities of communication, BUT- we need your help! We need you to be a tool, an object in the hands of Almighty God to help us reach more people. You can use these resources to help your friends find helpful teaching and inspiring music that can change their lives and homes. Will you be a tool?  Will you help us extend these tools to others?  As quick as an email, a post or a phone call you can invite others to these. Can we count on you to help us? 

Written By:   Shannon Dyess    Date Posted:  11/2/2018 2:36 PM
Number of Views:  1954

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