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The Way Should Be Clear
The Way Should Be Clear

Charles Spurgeon, often referred to as the prince of preachers, who until he was saved at 16 years old was under a tremendous burden of sin and he sought at all costs the way of salvation and the forgiveness of his sins. He recounted how that he visited many churches, which as he said, preached much good and profitable Bible truth, yet the one thing he sought above all else and never heard clearly preached, was the way of salvation. Finally, one snowy day he clearly heard the Gospel and received Christ as Savior! Thankfully there are still sound churches making clear how to be saved, along with the necessary teaching concerning growth in Christ, and yet there is still confusion that abounds concerning this most important of all subjects, the way of salvation. One man sought to find in his own town what churches were teaching, so he began making appointments with local pastors asking them the simple question, what must I do to be saved? Most of the answers he received were disappointing, including one church that had an 18-page booklet designed to show how to be saved. Here is a brief and helpful explanation of the way of salvation (How to Get to Heaven). Also, BBN Bible Institute offers the course, Understanding The Gospel, which clearly explains what the Bible teaches concerning the Gospel and salvation. God desires that we be saved and sure, so if you or someone you know struggles with this, please share the news!

Written By:   David Wyatt    Date Posted:  3/4/2019 4:10 PM
Number of Views:  1693

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