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Fisherman Finds 101 Year Old Note in Bottle
Fisherman Finds
101 Year Old Note in Bottle

Konrad Fischer was fishing in the Baltic Sea and from his net he retrieved a 101 year old bottle! He was surprised to find inside the bottle a faded Danish postcard. He had the card examined by museum specialists and they discovered who the writer was and then contacted his granddaughter, Angela. Though Angela had never met her grandfather, who had died before her birth, she was excited about the postcard he had written. This improbable find has brought several families closer together.

Today we have a Book that is in the process of being discovered, not by scholarly researchers in some distant museum, but by students desiring to know its Author. It is God’s book, the Bible, and those who are His children have great interest in His messages. He has preserved His word so that all generations may know Him and receive His son, Jesus Christ. This Book will bring children of God’s family closer together.

How sad, some get far more excited over a 101 year old message in a bottle than they do in the words God sent from heaven! God desires to communicate with you. Are you seeking to hear Him? To know His word and Him?  This is a perfect time to begin the adventure of a new study in the Bible. Here’s a suggested course for you: Lessons from the Life of Elijah. Many more courses here.

Written By:   Shannon Dyess    Date Posted:  8/10/2021 4:26 PM
Number of Views:  1376

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