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Our Reason To Be

Why does BBN BI exist? Why all the work & effort to build this arm of the Bible Broadcasting Network & the equal effort to keep it running and fresh? Maybe a recent news article that is sending shockwaves through the Evangelical world may give us a clue. The president of a very large and influential group of evangelicals has returned to the religion of his childhood. This may not seem all that shocking at first. But when one considers that this man was and is an influential evangelical leader that has worked his way up through the ranks of evangelicalism and teaches at an evangelical university, and now has returned to another religion it should give us pause.

The Epistle of 1 John, which by the way is a Book of the Bible covered in the BBN Bible Institute, warns believers against the very possibility of those that leave the company of the Faith. The dynamic little Epistle of Jude, also covered in BBN BI, begins by Jude telling us that the Holy Spirit of God redirected his thinking to include an entire Bible Book that warns us against doctrinal and moral failure, with the emphasis on doctrinal.

If we are not careful as believers, we can allow our enemy the Devil, to draw us away from the solid foundations of the doctrines of God’s Word into the swampland of cultural and worldly concerns. There is no doubt that the Bible takes strong stands against evil and for righteousness. But these stands are all rooted and grounded in the eternal unchanging truths of God which gives them their authority.

To answer the question raised at the beginning of this article, the BBN Bible Institute mainly exists to get the Word of God into the hearts of God’s people so that we can then display in daily life a salvation that has the ring of truth and not the hollow clang of the changing cultural cries of the day. Thank you for your interest and your participation in the BBN Bible Institute. May the Lord bless you as you study His infallible unchanging Word!

Written By:   David Wyatt    Date Posted:  5/14/2007 11:39 AM
Number of Views:  5094

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