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Is There Any Proof?

Prove it!! Have you ever said this, or heard someone else say it in a demanding tone? We must be convinced of the truth of a thing before we actually believe it. We all work on this principle everyday. Unless I am convinced that the bank in which I deposit my money will handle it correctly, I will not put my money there. No one in their right mind will put their money in a bank that they know is misusing the funds and there is the real danger that our money will be lost. In just the same way, unless we are convinced of the truth of the Word of God, we will not believe it.

If someone we trust gives us an eyewitness account of an event, we will believe that the event actually took place. The greater the importance of the thing to be believed, the more importance we place on the witnesses to it. If someone offers you a great deal on a wood stove, but you don’t need or want one, then it is not as important to you who is making the offer as it would be if someone offers you a relationship with God! People all over the world are offering their ideas of how the world came into being and the ultimate purpose of life. But none of the world’s ideas has absolute proof. On the other hand, we have more historical evidence for the reliability of the Bible than we do for some of the events in American History!

The above quote is from Bible teacher Dr. Howard Hendricks in one of the lessons under course number 32300, Second Peter, in the BBN Bible Institute. This powerful little 3-chapter Epistle contains in it some of the clearest evidence for the trustworthiness of the Bible in all of the Scriptures! If you need your faith strengthened in the dependability of the Bible over every other source of information regarding spiritual truth, check out this course in the BBN BI. This study may be among the most important you ever encounter!

Written By:   David Wyatt    Date Posted:  11/5/2007 4:14 PM
Number of Views:  4831

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