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Hanging By a Thread!

Hatred for the Jewish people is definitely not new. Many times they have been threatened with annihilation as a people. One of the very worst of those times is recorded for us in the Old Testament Book of Esther. The wicked schemer, Haman, had come up with a literally diabolical scheme that looked as if it would mean the total destruction of all the Jewish people living in the Persian Empire of that time. Had Satan actually brought about the end of God’s Plan to bring the Messiah into the world through the Jewish nation? If you are not familiar with the account of the Book of Esther, we recommend that you take a look at the Book. There could be no action-packed thriller such as the Book of Esther conceived by the mind of man! Even if you are familiar with the Book, it would be worthwhile to study it further since God’s loving providential care is highlighted and may be the Book’s main reason for being included in Scripture.

But before we say any more about the Biblical Book of Esther, let’s go back in time only a short while to the early 1950’s in Russia. Another diabolical scheme to destroy the Jews living in Russia of that time is in the works. A man by the name of Joseph Stalin is about to hatch a plan that once again seems to be unstoppable in destroying an entire race of people. A false story was concocted that a Jewish person was plotting his death, giving Stalin his excuse to set his wicked scheme in motion. He even announced that the carnage would begin on the 9th of March, 1953. Yet one week before the time the killing was to begin Stalin suffered a massive stroke and died. His body laid in State a week and was buried March 9th. The interesting thing is that March 9th was the Jewish Holiday, Purim! In case that does not seem all that special, the fact is that this Feast was begun by the Jews after Haman’s wicked plot to destroy the Jews was foiled by the providence of God in the time of Esther!

Our God is never surprised by anything that happens. We may wonder why He allows some of what He does, yet He is far too loving and wise to make a mistake or to do wrong. The BBN Bible Institute is delighted to offer an excellent course on the Book of Esther taught by Dr. Stephen Davey. The course is numbered 40100 and heads up the Bible Book Studies Division of the BBN Bible Institute. Your life may seem to be hanging by a thread right now, but if you know the Lord Jesus you can be sure that He will never leave nor forsake you. A study of the Book of Esther may be just what the Lord will use to help you to draw closer to Him.

Written By:   David Wyatt    Date Posted:  3/10/2008 10:44 AM
Number of Views:  5412

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