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Buried Treasure!

During wartime, a soldier who had always depended on his own strength and ingenuity to get him through life suddenly found himself struck by an enemy bullet. He fell like a limp rag into a shell hole. The rest of his line of men was driven back by the gunfire, and he remained alone in the hole. He tried with all his might to hang onto the sides before falling into the water in the bottom, which would mean certain death by drowning. Suddenly he remembered how all his life he had proudly looked down on anyone showing signs of personal weakness, but now he was as weak as they come, and seemingly without hope. As he continued thinking to himself, an old song he used to sing with his buddies came into his mind, "Where do we go from here, boys…"  Indeed where was he going?

As the minutes turned into hours, another shell hit near him, jarring him into the present, and almost filling the hole in which he lay with fresh dirt, threatening to finish his life. He tried with all his might to get out of this predicament, but it seemed hopeless. He cried out for help, but none came. Suddenly, long forgotten words re-entered his mind: "…call upon Me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify Me…" He had no idea where the words came from, but thought they must be from God’s Word; so in the only way he knew, he called out to God: "If you are there, please help me." He knew deep down that his sins were many and that God would likely not hear him, but he had to try. Almost immediately, he heard the voice of another soldier asking him who he was. The next thing he remembered after that was waking up in the base hospital. The first thing he did was ask someone about where in the Bible the words he’d heard came from. He was told that they were in the Psalms, the fiftieth Psalm, verse 15 to be exact. He began reading the Bible and learned of the great love of Christ for his soul and trusted in Him for eternal life! He certainly did glorify God every time he told the story of the buried treasure of that single verse of Scripture. That Scripture he had heard as a boy and had lain dormant for so long not only saved his physical life, but led him to eternal Life as well!

If you are studying the Bible in the BBN BI, maybe you would like to tell a friend about this treasure of the Word of God which they can bury deep within their own hearts and find benefit forever!

Written By:   David Wyatt    Date Posted:  2/4/2009 1:36 PM
Number of Views:  5471

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