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Fresh Answers, Ready Hope!

“The more things change the more they are the same;” it is likely you have heard this saying.  As we observe our world, our lives, and churches it seems things are unraveling at the seams, spinning out of control, or troubles are being served up by the dozens.

We tend to assume that we are experiencing things other Christians and generations never faced.  The truth is the year is not the same, places and faces are different, but things really are much the same as past generations have faced.

Dr. Charles Ryrie, respected Bible scholar, Seminary professor, and distinguished author teaches a five lesson series from the book of I Corinthians (Course # 30500).  In this study Dr. Ryrie deals with the major topics of this N.T. book.  When you hear what this church was struggling with you will realize many things are still the same.  What makes our situation significant is that it involves us!  This Corinthian church had gifted leaders and had grown exceptionally well but was wobbling and headed for destruction because of some of the same issues we are confronting.

1.  Schisms among church members over methods, personalities, and agendas

2.  Sexual immorality by members

3.  Divorce and remarriage

4.  Legal actions against fellow church members

5.  Misunderstandings concerning the use and propriety of spiritual gifts

What did Paul teach that brought them peace and help?

We believe that God has answers and hope for whatever you may be struggling with in your church, your family, or your life.  This course could be a great inspiration to your growth.  It may also be the very encouragement your friends need.  Tell them about this and the BBN Bible Institute.

Written By:   Shannon Dyess    Date Posted:  3/10/2009 2:42 PM
Number of Views:  5614

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