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Can More Than One Student Use The Same Computer?

Often a husband and his wife or a parent and a child will both want to study courses in BBNBI. They both wish to use the same computer. This can be done but there are some things you should know.

The only way it will work, when two or more students use the same computer, is for each of them to have a different e-mail address. The system will not recognize a student that uses the same e-mail address as another student.  Once each student has his or her own e-mail address, both can be registered and study with us at BBNBI.

Here's another caution: If you both begin to study on the same computer, remember that only one can be logged in at a time. In other words,  when one of you is through with a lesson and test, be sure you log out or the other student will not be able to access their account on the same computer.  As long as only one is logged in at a time, then there will be no problem.

Also: VERY IMPORTANT: The WAY you logoff is the key to making it work.  If you click the “X” to close the browser, you will have trouble. You need to use the “logoff” link on the left side of any BBNBI page.  Using the logoff link removes a cookie. That cookie  must go away in order for another student to login.  If the browser window is closed with the “X” then the cookie will remain for a few hours and hinder any other user from logging in.

Written By:   Richard Johnson    Date Posted:  2/28/2007 9:20 AM
Number of Views:  9580

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