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How Is My Overall Course Grade Determined?

BBNBI uses the following method to compute the overall course grade.

First, all of the individual lesson test grades are averaged together, and that average is counted  for 20% of the overall grade. Then the Final Exam grade is counted as 80% of the overall course grade.  These 2 combined give you your final grade.

Example: If the course has 4 lessons: lesson grades were 50,65,83,100; average of these is 74.5 (rounded up to 75) then the Final exam grade is 100; so we take 75 times 2 = 150 and the 100 times 8=800; then add 800+150= 950 and divide it by 10= 95 So the overall course grade is 95

The computer rounds off all grades.






Written By:   Richard Johnson    Date Posted:  3/2/2007 9:20 AM
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