True Story
Just playing, I put the one bullet into the gun and started pulling the trigger!

Charles - Radio Rep - FL

My friend was on the phone and I saw the gun laying on the end table. One bullet lay beside of it. I picked up the gun, a 22 caliber pistol, and put the bullet in it. Just playing, I put it up to my head, started pulling the trigger and watching the bullet advance. Each time I knew the bullet was getting closer and closer. I began to shake as I thought of the bullet advancing. While I pulled the trigger my hand started to shake. When the gun went off the bullet just missed my head as my hand shook out of control.. I missed killing myself as the result. My family was pretty normal. I had a hard-working father who drove a truck and provided for the needs of the family. But when I was thirteen, he decided to leave. There was no real authority in our home after that and I wanted to have fun more than to do what was right. As a teenager, I had a life of fun, friends, and family. But soon my happy-go lucky lifestyle took me to places that I shouldn't have gone and I did things I shouldn't have done. After high school my life consisted of hanging out, having fun, and of course working. But the work was just for money so I could go out with my friends and have more fun! Then through some near-death experiences, God got my attention.

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