True Story
I married a divorced man! It was a tough situation at first, especially with the children involved.

Ann - Office Assistant – FL 


I was basically a good kid, at least I thought so, and it was hard to recognize that what I was doing was sin.  I was very untruthful, I judged people in my heart, did not think highly of others, and began using extremely foul language early in my life.
Then one time, I was at a revival meeting and while sitting on the back row, I was convicted.  So during the invitation I got this feeling that I needed to go forward.  I walked up by myself and it was there that I accepted the Lord Jesus. 
It had to have been God, because I was a bashful child and that wasn't something that I would readily do.  Following my salvation, my teenage years were very difficult. I was a born again believer, but most of my friends were not.  That led to many opprtunities for wrong doings, but thanks to the Lord, I stayed away from drugs, alcohol and the other temptations. 
Later in my life, I met and married a divorced man who had children from his previous marriage. It was a tough situation at first, especially with the children involved.  I was the product of a divorced family and so I was more open to the idea of divorce. It was not easy, but during that time, God brought me back to the memories of my childhood as I had watched my mother go through a failed marriage.  Witnessing her failure and leaning upon the Lord is what helped me to be persistent in making my own marriage work.  God has been good to us. We now have a son together as the Lord has blessed my marriage, and I now have a wonderful relationship with my stepchildren as well. God can take a difficult situation and work it out if we will just trust Him.


Maybe you once came to the Lord, but you have made some mistakes, like Ann.  God loves you, friend! Let's chat about it!

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