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David Allen - Dr. Allen was a pastor in Detroit, MI & well known Bible Conference speaker. He is now with the Lord.

Jonathan Anderson - Rev. Jonathan Anderson is on the Pastoral staff at the Countryside Bible Church in Southlake, Texas

Mark Bailey - Dr.Bailey is a Bible teacher & author. He presently serves as President of Dallas Theological Seminary.

Donald Barnhouse - Dr.  Barnhouse was a Pastor, author of commentaries, & a pioneer in Christian radio. He went to be with the Lord in 1960.

Dewey Bertolini - Mr. Bertolini is a Pastor, author and youth conference speaker

Henry Brandt - Dr. Brandt was a conference speaker, author, & management consultant to ministries and church leaders. Now in heaven.

David Breese - Dr. Breese was a Christian radio broadcaster, conference speaker, and author. He went to be with the Lord in 2002.

Stuart Briscoe - Dr. Briscoe, pastored for 30+ years, is an author and now an international Bible Conference speaker.

Wendell Calder - Dr. Wendell Calder is a former Pastor, and an international Evangelist and Bible teacher.

Stanley Collins - Dr. Collins was a Pastor and former Director of Forest Home Christian Conference Center in CA. He is now with the Lord.

Steven Davey - Dr. Stephen Davey is Pastor of Colonial Baptist Church and Pres. of Shepherds Theo. Sem. & radio Bible teacher

Bob Dowie - Dr. Dowie was a Bible Conference speaker and Dean of New Brunswick Bible Institute. He is now home with the Lord.

Theodore Epp - Dr. Epp, was a Bible teacher, & author. He founded the Back to the Bible Radio Broadcast ministry. Now with the Lord.

Allen Fleece - Dr. Fleece was a Pastor, professor at Moody Bible Institute & President of Columbia Bible College. Now with the Lord.

Frank Garlock - Dr. Garlock is founder & president of Majesty Music & was a professor of Music at Bob Jones University for many years.

Manford Gutzke - Dr. Gutzke was a Seminary professor, radio teacher, as well as a prolific writer. He is now at home with the Lord.

Howard Hendricks - Dr. Hendricks was Distinguished Professor at Dallas Theo. Sem. & international conference speaker. He is now with the Lord.

Donald Hubbard - Dr. Donald R. Hubbard is a retired pastor, a radio Bible teacher, and an international Bible conference speaker.

Dave Hunt - Dr. Hunt was a prolific author, Conference speaker & Cult expert. He is now with the Lord (2008).

Ralph Keiper - Dr. Keiper was an author & conference speaker for the Conservative Baptist Theo. Sem. He is now with the Lord.

Wendell Kempton - Dr. Kempton was a Bible teacher and missionary statesman. He is now home with the Lord

Mark Lee - Dr. Lee was a much sought after Bible Conference speaker. He is now with the Lord.

Erwin Lutzer - Dr. Lutzer is the Pastor of the Moody Church in Chicago, a Bible Conference & radio teacher and prolific author.

Walter Martin - Dr. Martin is considered the father of the Counter-Cult Movement, author & conference speaker. He is now in heaven.

John Mitchell - The late Dr. Mitchell was founder of Multnomah School of the Bible and taught there many years.

Campbell Morgan - Dr. Morgan was a Pastor, Bible Conf. speaker in England & the USA, author of commentaries. He is now in heaven (1945).

Stephen Olford - Dr. Olford was Founder of Stephen Olford Center for Biblical Preaching & international Evangelist. He is now with the Lord.

Dwight Pentecost - Dr. Pentecost was a Pastor, author & distinguished professor at Dallas Theological Seminary. Went to heaven in 2014.

John Phillips - Dr. Phillips was a respected Bible teacher, author of 50+ books, & Conference speaker. Went to heaven in 2010.

Herb Pugmire - Dr. Pugmire was a well known pastor, missionary, Bible teacher and Conference speaker. He is now home with the Lord.

Earl Radmacher - Dr. Radmacher was at Western Conservative Bap. Sem. for 34 yrs. as Professor, & President. Went to heaven in 2014.

Alan Redpath - Dr. Redpath was a former Pastor of the Moody Memorial Ch., conference & missionary speaker. He is now with the Lord.

Ted Rendall - Dr. Rendall served for many years at the Prairie Bible Institute in Canada, & pastored. He is now a confer. speaker.

Ross Rhoads - Dr. Ross Rhoads is a retired pastor, Evangelist, author and Chaplain.

Charles Ryrie - Dr. Charles Ryrie is a Professor at Dallas Seminary, Editor of the Ryrie Study Bible, prolific author and scholar. Now in heaven (2016)

Richard Seymour - Dr. Seymour is currently on the faculty of Frontier School of the Bible in Lagrange, Wyoming; author of several books.

Renald Showers - Dr. Showers is currently on staff with the Church Ministries Division of the Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry.

Bob Smith - Dr. Smith was Professor of Philosophy at Bethel Seminary in St. Paul, MN. He is now with the Lord.

Ray Stedman - Dr. Stedman was a Pastor, professor, author, and mentor to numerous pastors and teachers. He is now with the Lord.

Lehman Strauss - Dr. Strauss was a Professor, Pastor, Evangelist and itinerant Bible Conference speaker. He is now home with the Lord.

Richard Strauss - Dr. Richard Strauss was a Pastor and noted Bible conference speaker. He is now home with the Lord

Tom Taylor - Dr. Taylor was a Seminary professor, author, radio and conference speaker. Now with the Lord (2015).

Joe Temple - Dr. Temple was a Hebrew and Greek scholar, Pastor in Abilene, TX and a radio Bible teacher, He is now with the Lord.

Merrill Tenney - Dr. Tenney was a Pastor, Dean of the Graduate School of Theology at Wheaton College. He is now with the Lord.

Ian Thomas - Major Thomas was an international missionary speaker & teacher & founder of Torchbearers. He is now with the Lord.

Stanley Toussaint - Dr. Stanley Toussaint is retired after 47 years, Senior Professor Emeritus of Bible Exposition of Dallas Theo. Sem.

Paul Van-Gorder - Dr. Van-Gorder was a pastor, radio Bible teacher & Bible Conference speaker. He went to be with the Lord in 2009.

Charles Wagner - Dr. Charles Wagner was a Bible teacher, Pastor, author & Bible conference speaker. He is now with the Lord.

John Walvoord - Dr. Walvoord was with Dallas Theo. Sem for many years as professor and the 2nd President. He is now with the Lord.

Sumner Wemp - Dr. Wemp taught at Moody Bible Inst., Liberty Univ., & was President of Southeastern Bible College. Now in heaven.

John Whitcomb - Dr. Whitcomb is an internationally recognized professor, scientist, author and conference speaker.

Warren Wiersbe - Dr. Wiersbe is a former Pastor, and a prolific author, radio & conference speaker.

Rocky Wyatt - Rev. Rocky Wyatt is Senior Associate Pastor at Countryside Bible Church in Southlake, Texas

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