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WOW! I took the first lesson...


I grew up believing in God, but never went to church or really knew what being Christian was all about.  About 2 years ago, my husband and I started attending our church.  The pastor and members are awesome.  Within a couple months, we were attending regularly.  I couldn't seem to get enough.  I wanted to understand the Bible quicker than I could learn in church sermons and Bible study groups.  Eight months ago, I was listening to your radio station and heard about your on line classes.  WOW! I took the first lesson, went to my pastor, told him what I had done, and was told to keep going.  ...I have gotten 3 of our ladies Bible study group(s) also taking your classes.  We are all on different levels, but its great!.  If we have any questions, we bring it up in our study group.  Way to go BBNBI.  May God continue to bless your works. 

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