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The Bible, from God to Us


The Bible, from God to Us

Good news, a new course in our Bible Institute!

Have you made time yet to read your Bible today? If you have, did you realize you entered a library when you opened your Bible? Some don’t know and many of us likely forget that our Bibles are really a library of 66 books shelved within the two covers.  So? Have you ever wondered how we got our Bibles that we have today? I mean, how did God get His words from Him to us? Sixty six books written by about 40 authors over a period of nearly 1600 years - how did this happen? How could God take sinful men and have them to write a book with no errors? Of all the books written way back there how was it decided that these 66 we have today were from God and should make up the whole Bible? Why is it that some people can greatly understand the Scriptures and some are totally perplexed as to their meaning? How is one to know if he is interpreting a Bible passage correctly?

These are really some vital questions that deserve your time and inquiry! If the Bible you have is really God’s words, shouldn’t it mean more to you than any other book? If the words in the Bible are God’s words shouldn’t we spend a great deal more time seeking out what He has to say on issues?

We have just launched a new course in the BBN Bible Institute: The Bible, from God to Us. We invite you to peruse this course and begin your study with us. Like all of our 117 courses in the BI, this one is at no cost to you. Six lessons that will make a great study for you and answer many questions you may have had concerning the Bible and likely some you haven’t yet thought of. This course is taught by Dr. Richard Strauss, gifted communicator and former Pastor and Conference speaker (he’s now with the Lord in heaven).  Share the good news with a friend today about our new course!

Written By:   Shannon Dyess    Date Posted:  6/12/2014 3:34 PM
Number of Views:  3179

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