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A Realistic Goal!

Good Morning to you at BBNBI, I really haven't gotten to the nitty gritty of these wonderful courses, however, this year I plan to really get going on them.  God has so bless what I have started and I would love to finish many of the courses offered.   

 I am hoping and praying and planing to complete all of the courses by the end of 2009.  I think this is a realistic goal.  I would love to say I will do it this year but I know that I don't have that much time to spend with the program, with teaching in a Christian school, Sunday School teacher and starting my own business I am kind of stretched out.  BUT I am making plans or should I say have made plans to spend 2 hours a day on the courses that you are offering.    

I am an listener to your radio station it is on in every room in my house.  I am so blessed by the music as well as the words spoken here also.    Thank you folks for being out there. 

N. Q. - Marietta, SC

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