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33100 The Gospel Of Matthew I (Level 2)

Speaker: BBN Staff

Description: Matthew I is a series of 16 lessons that cover the first 12 chapters of the book of Matthew. These lessons contain the birth, baptism, and ministry of our Lord as well as his great message, "The Sermon on the Mount." Have you ever wondered what meaning these have for our lives today or what the unpardonable sin is? Dr. Morgan lays these out clearly. These lessons are taken from Dr. Morgan's book: The Gospel According to Matthew. G. Campbell Morgan was a Pastor in England during the time of Evangelist D.L. Moody. Morgan pastored at the famous Westminster Chapel. He traveled extensively and spoke in conferences throughout the British Empire and the United States. He authored numerous commentaries. He went home to heaven in 1945.

There are 16 lessons in this course:

Lesson 1 - 33101 Matthew I
Lesson 2 - 33102 Matthew I
Lesson 3 - 33103 Matthew I
Lesson 4 - 33104 Matthew I
Lesson 5 - 33105 Matthew I
Lesson 6 - 33106 Matthew I
Lesson 7 - 33107 Matthew I
Lesson 8 - 33108 Matthew I
Lesson 9 - 33109 Matthew I
Lesson 10 - 33110 Matthew I
Lesson 11 - 33111 Matthew I
Lesson 12 - 33112 Matthew I
Lesson 13 - 33113 Matthew I
Lesson 14 - 33114 Matthew I
Lesson 15 - 33115 Matthew I
Lesson 16 - 33116 Matthew I

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