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Some of the greatest Bible teachers of yesterday and today are made available and teach selected Bible courses that help instruct and encourage all that enroll in BBNBI. They include:

Dr. Renald Showers a Bible conference speaker known coast to coast in the US, and abroad. He is currently on staff with Church Ministries Division of the Friends Of Israel Gospel Ministry.

Dr. Earl Radmacher is currently President Emeritus of Western Conservative Baptist Seminary in Portland, Oregon. He spent 34 years there as Administrator, Professor, and President of that institution.

Dr. Henry Brandt is a popular conference speaker and author. He works as a management consultant to ministry and church leaders. Dr. Brandt provides insight to the family from a Biblical perspective.

Dr. Ross Rhoads is an evangelist and retired pastor. He currently serves as chaplain for Franklin Graham Ministries and Billy Graham Evangelical Association.

Dr. Donald Hubbard is a retired pastor. He has a radio ministry on BBN as well as being a popular Bible conference speaker.

Dr. Lehman Strauss was a Professor, Pastor and itinerant Bible conference speaker and evangelist. Dr. Strauss is now with the Lord.

Dr. Richard Strauss was a former Pastor and noted Bible conference speaker. He was also the son of Dr. Lehman Strauss. Dr. Richard Strauss is also now with the Lord.

Dr. John Whitcomb has been a Professor of OT and Theology for more than 50 years. He is widely recognized as a leading Bible scholar. He is author and co-author of important books especially concerning the doctrines of creation, end times, and apologetics.

Dr. Dewey Bertolini is a former High School Youth Pastor and also served on the faculty of The Master’s College in CA. He is also professor of Biblical Studies and youth ministries. Mr. Bertolini speaks to thousands of teens at youth camps and conferences each year.

Dr. Ralph Keiper is an at-large conference speaker representing Conservative Baptist Seminary in Denver, CO. Dr. Keiper lost most of his eyesight as a youth, yet has served his Lord faithfully.

Dr. J. Dwight Pentecost was Professor of Bible exposition at Dallas Seminary for over 50 years. He was one of only 2 professors at Dallas honored as a Distinguished Professor.

Dr. Stephen Olford was born in West Africa of missionary parents. Widely known for strong expositional preaching, Dr. Olford was Founder and Senior Lecturer at Stephen Olford Center for Biblical Preaching. He is now with the Lord.

Dr. Howard Hendricks was Distinguished Professor and Chairman of the Center for Christian Leadership at Dallas Theological Seminary for many years and chaplain for the Dallas Cowboys NFL Football Team for 8 years. He taught and spoke in conferences and seminars in 80 countries. Dr. Hendricks is now with the Lord.

Dr. John Mitchell was founder of Multnomah School of the Bible and taught there for many years.

Dr. Tom Taylor is Professor Emeritus of Church History and Old Testament. He has a witty way of teaching Bible truths.

Dr. Wendell Calder is a Local Church Evangelist that has conducted crusades all across America and in various other countries.

Dr. Bob Smith was Professor of Philosophy at Bethel Seminary in St. Paul, MN. He is now with the Lord.

Dr. Alan Redpath was a former Pastor of the Moody Memorial Church in Chicago. He began an itinerant conference and missionary ministry that he conducted well into his 70’s. He is now with the Lord.

Major W. Ian Thomas trained as a medical missionary until God called him into an international Evangelistic and Bible teaching ministry. Major Thomas was founder of Torchbearers of the Capernwray Missionary Fellowship. He is now home with the Lord.

Dr. David D. Allen was a well-known Bible Conference speaker and pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Hazel Park, MI for over forty years. He was best known for his exegetical Bible teaching. He is now home with the Lord.

Dr. Charles Ryrie serves as Professor Emeritus of Systematic Theology at Dallas Seminary and is the Editor of the Ryrie Study Bible. He is a renown author and scholar who has written numerous books that have sold more than 1.5 million copies.

Dr. John Walvoord was Professor of Systematic Theology at Dallas Seminary for many years. He was also the second President of the Seminary. Dr. Walvoord was widely respected for conservative Biblical scholarship. He is now with the Lord.

Dr. David Breese was founder of the ministry of Christian Destiny in 1963. He was also influential in the founding of the AWANA Youth Association. He is now with the Lord.

Dr. Mark Lee is known for his humorous style and spoke in many Bible Conferences across the United States. He is now with the Lord.

Dr. Stanley Toussaint is Senior Professor Emeritus of Bible Exposition at Dallas Seminary. He is also an accomplished author.

Dr. Donald Gray Barnhouse Pastored the Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia for many years. He was a world-renowned pastor and Bible teacher and was also the Editor of Eternity magazine. Dr. Barnhouse is now with the Lord.

Dr. Frank Garlock is Founder and President of Majesty Music. He has also been Professor of Music at Bob Jones University for many years. He has extensive knowledge and discernment in the field of Christian Music.

Dr. Stuart Briscoe was the Pastor of Elmbrook Church in Wisconsin for 30 years. He is now the Minister-at-large there. Dr. Briscoe has authored many books and is a popular Bible Conference speaker.

Dr. G. Allen Fleece is a Former Pastor and Professor at Moody Bible Institute. He also served as President of Columbia Bible College.

Rev. Walter Martin is widely accepted as the Father of the Counter-Cult Movement. He authored many books concerning cults. Rev. Martin is now with the Lord.

Dr. Stanley Collins is a Former Pastor and Director of Forest Home Christian Conference Center in California.

Dr. Merrill Tenney was a former Pastor. Also served as Dean of the Graduate School of Theology at Wheaton College. Dr. Tenney is now with the Lord.

Dr. Ray Stedman was Pastor of Peninsula Bible Church in California for 40 years and authored many books. He is now with the Lord.

Dr. Steven Davey is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Colonial Baptist Church in Cary, NC. Dr. Davey is also President of Shepherd’s Seminary as well as a popular Bible Conference speaker.

Dr. Charles Wagner who was a well known Bible teacher and Pastor at-large of the Calvary Baptist Church in Covington, KY. He is now home with the Lord.

Dr. Erwin Lutzer is the Pastor of the Moody Church in Chicago, IL and is a renowned Bible Conference speaker.

Dr. Manford Gutzke was a Seminary professor as well as a prolific writer of Bible study materials. This well-known Bible teacher is now home with the Lord.

Dr. Dino Pedrone is a well known Bible teacher and currently is serving as Senior Pastor of the New Testament Baptist Church in Miami, Florida

Dr. Warren Wiersbe is a well known International Bible conference teacher with a heart for missions and is a former pastor of Moody Church in Chicago. Dr. Wiersbe is author of more than 80 books.

Dr. Herb Pugmire was a well known Pastor, Missionary, Bible teacher, and Conference speaker who is now home with the Lord.

Dr. Paul Van Gorder pastored several churches during his active ministry and also served as the Associate teacher on the Radio Bible Class. He is well known as a Bible Conference speaker.

Dr.Mark Bailey has spent many years teaching the Bible and he has authored several books. He presently serves as president of Dallas Theological Seminary, where he has taught and served for over 20 years.

Dr. Wendell Kempton was a well-known Bible teacher who traveled extensively to speak to various churches, colleges, seminaries, and universities. Dr. Kempton also served as the President Emeritus of the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism. He is now home with the Lord.

Dr. Theodore Epp was a well-known Bible teacher who established the Back To The Bible Radio Broadcast. He was best known for his quiet, but thorough teaching of God's Word. He is now home with his Lord.

Dr. John Phillips is a well known Bible teacher who served on staff of Moody Bible Institute for twenty-five years. He has authored over fifty books and has travelled the nation preaching and teaching at churches, schools, and Bible conferences.

Dr. Dave Hunt is a well-known and much sought-after Bible Conference speaker and has authored several books.

Dr. Bob Dowie was a well known Bible Conference speaker and former Dean at the New Brunswick Bible Insitute. He is now home with the Lord.

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