True Story
Built to last yet crumbling away!

Dick - Financial Services - S.C.

At an early age, I determined to work hard and achieve something to make myself secure. I looked after my family, my needs, and the corporation for which I worked. I did my best to meet all of my goals and I was totally focused on the world. I built up a lot of resistance, but had no compassion. Cold and indifferent, I faced the challenges of life with hardness. I had no mortality or weaknesses. I had dreamed of and planned to retire at age 50. I succeeded and thought life would be pretty good, but within the first year I found my life was crumbling around me. Then someone took time to talk to me about what I was doing.

Are you focused on the outside but falling apart on the inside like Dick? Have you made a big mistake? LET'S CHAT!


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