True Story
I was considered a good boy, doing all the right things.

John - Ministry Rep - TX


It was not because I was good, but because of the restraints of my parents. I was raised in a proverbial Christian home. I was considered a good boy doing all the right things. I had all the sinful desires of a boy, but I went to church, even led the music as a young boy, and I was serving God. But the truth was I was serving Him for me. For the recognition, for the approval, for what would be said about me, not for Him. I was always seeking to achieve what others were achieving. While at youth camp I realized that what I was telling the other boys they needed, a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, I didn't have. After the meeting that night, I talked with the Pastor, then went into the bathroom and knelt and asked Jesus to come into my heart and save me. Now I serve Him for His honor and glory not mine!

Like John was, are you going through the motions but without a real relationship with Him? Let's Chat!

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