True Story
I tried to live right! I never did drugs, or smoked, or had premarital sex!

Cathy - Housewife - FL 

 I was born a sick baby with a hole in my heart, heart murmurs, convulsions, and seizures. My precious grandmother took care of me. But when I was five my mother decided she wanted me back and so from age 5-12, I went back and forth between my parents and my grandparents. During my time with my grandparents I always went to church. I loved church and loved being with the people of the church. I tried to live right! I never smoked, or did drugs or alcohol, or had premarital sex. I stayed in church and lived a good life, or so I thought. I went on to college and asked God to direct my life and give me a husband. . But all the time what was missing was that personal relationship that comes when you are saved and finally right with God.

Are you like Cathy was?  Trying to do good but headed for Hell? Let's Chat!

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